1 Wood Blinds or 2 Wood Blinds
for Shallow Depth Window


We just moved in to a lovely new townhouse. There are 28 windows that are all untrimmed, but they have a wood sill that is painted to match the white (ever-so-slightly off-white) walls.

My husband and I love the look of the 2" white wood blinds, but the contractor suggested we get the 1" wood blinds because of the shallow depth of the windows. Would the 2" look silly when open? Do we have to match the color of the walls exactly? Do we need a valance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm tired of wondering if people can see my bed-head. :o)


How shallow is the depth of your windows? If 2" blinds only slightly stick out of them when open and if you satisfied with their look, it is OK to install them inside mount. I suggest you to request a sample of 2" wood blinds (or, you can make a 2” cardboard stripes instead) and see how it looks on your windows. As alternative, you can install outside mount 2" blinds, but they might take a large amount of your room’s space.

As for blinds color, I don’t think you need to match it exactly to the walls, but if you doubt, you can ask for free color samples and check their look.

A valance hides a headrail mechanism and gives a complete look to your wood blinds. I highly recommend you to get it. Please note that if you decide on inside mount 2" blinds you will need to install outside mount valance for them for more aesthetical look, otherwise they will stick out of the valance when open.

Hope it helps,

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for Shallow Depth Window

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May 16, 2010
Reply to 1 or 2 inch blinds
by: bobtheblindguy

If you have 1 inch of depth you have plenty of room to get a 2"blind in there. I install many, many of these blinds every week and 95% of them stick out. And yes you do need a valance and that's the tricky part. You need to order the blind as an inside mount, buy the valance as an outside mount with returns (that's the part of the valance that wraps around the end to give it a finished look from the side.)

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