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All About Me, Window Blinds Project, and Home Decorating

Hi, my name is Alina…

I have spent many years working as a textile designer and have really enjoyed my job. Working for the home textile industry, I got a real passion for home decorating. I love different interior styles; I’m interested in all aspects of home décor: pottery, ceramic tiles, wood furniture and flooring, and wall painting. I like to mix and match different colors, textures and decorative items in one interior. And of course, I love home textiles: rugs, draperies, cushions, tapestry, bedding…

When it comes to home decorating and home organizing, many problems arise suddenly. I like to find creative solutions for these problems and I like to see how others manage to solve them. It’s such an exciting feeling when you find a simple solution to a problem that seemed to be really difficult. And believe me, very often the best solution is a creative, simple, and inexpensive one.

So there I was when the Internet era began and I decided to go explore this new world. I’ve always loved to gain new knowledge, so I learned how to use graphic computer programs and web design. That was several years ago, and since then I didn’t have a chance to use my new knowledge. As I said, I was working as textile designer and was using artist tools for all my projects – pencils, brushes, ink, watercolor, mixed media… And I really loved it! I didn’t feel that I need my computer skills until…

Well, I did my job for many years and I gained knowledge and experience, it’s true. But on the same time I became to feel that I need to change something in my life, otherwise even most interesting job turns into a sort of routine and becomes quite boring.

I came to the point that I need to do something new. I wanted to use my computer skills, but on the same time I wanted to remain in design and home decor areas. So I decided to build my own site about window treatments and home decorating.

Why Window Blinds Project?

This site is dedicated to different window treatment styles. If your house is new and beautiful, it still will look unfinished without matching window treatment. If it’s not so new, if its windows are old and shabby – you will definitely need to find a suitable window dressing that will hide all their defects and will transform them into gorgeous ones.

Therefore window blinds, shades and draperies is an important part of your home décor. And they are not only for beautiful décor, they have many practical functions also. When you need to reduce glare coming from outside in your living room, to keep your privacy in the bedroom, or to completely block light in the home entertainment center – you just need to get an appropriate window dressing.

But the site is not only about window treatment. I wanted to share with you my professional and practical knowledge in home decorating. Because when you are looking for window dressing for your home you can’t think only about your windows. You need to imagine how this dressing will work with an entire home decor, whether it will match your interior style and so on. Therefore along with information about different window treatment styles you can find here various home decorating ideas.

Please enjoy it and visit again!
Thank you,

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