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Arched Window Treatment

Arched windows are very different in their sizes and shapes. You may have a classic window with a half-circle arch, a wide eyebrow window, or a tall, narrow Gothic arched window - to name only a few of them.

Your beautiful window definitely deserves a charming window treatment. But, if you want to find one of the best curved window treatments for your home, answer at first to these questions:

  • Where is your arched window located?
  • What is its size and shape?
  • Is it a single one, or a part of several windows?
  • Do you need to add window dressing for light and privacy control, or do you want just to beautify your arched window?

Though arched window treatment seems to be a challenging project, it still has different options. What you will choose depends on your budget, your needs and, of course, of your home décor style.

Need Inexpensive, Quick and Easy Arch Window Covering?

Redi Arch Window Shade
Redi Arch White Window Shade,

If you need temporary yet effective light blockage for a standard arch window – Redi Arch Shade is a wonderful solution. This pleated window shade is made of durable paper and can be installed in seconds without any hardware (it has self-adhesive holder that sticks to a windowsill). It goes in two sizes: 36-by-72-Inch and 24-by-48-Inch . That means that you can trim the shade to fit your window’s width. If you like the idea, I would recommend to read customer reviews about this product for tips and suggestions.

Window blinds and shades for arched windows

If you need to block light coming through your arched window, or to control your privacy – shop for window shades or blinds. There are many options for arched windows. Since there are so many types of arched windows, ordering custom made window blinds or shades is an easiest way to get a perfect covering for such windows. It’s quite costly, of course, but it pays to do it. With serious manufacturers, like Hunter Douglas, Graber, Kirsch, or Levolor, you will get a perfect arched window treatment.

If you have a window with perfect arch, you can also order pre-made arched blinds, shades or shutters. You only need to measure the width of your window, (because its height will be a half of its width), and to decide about the type of installation: inside mount or outside mount. Finding window treatment for non-perfect arch will be a more difficult project. You need to inquire in the store about available options. It’s also a wise idea to make a model of the arch (a half of it) and bring it with you.

Types of window blinds and shades
available for arched windows:

  • Wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds
  • Wooden shutters
  • Pleated shades, honeycomb shades – you can also find movable shades for arched windows on the market. Shop for them if you want to see the outside view through the arch.

Arched window treatment ideas

  • You can treat arch separately from the entire window. For example, cover the arch with wooden shutters or honeycomb shades and put roman shades, bamboo shades, draperies, or other type of window treatment below. It works well when you need to match the arched window dressing with the rest of window treatments in the room.
  • Do you have a wide eyebrow window? Then install curtain track high above the window and hang draperies of your choice. If you wish, you can install double track for draperies and sheers. Such treatment will enhance the beauty of the eyebrow window.
  • For a narrow arched window hang a curtain on a wide curved curtain rod, for making it visibly larger. For a single and not very tall window you can put drapery that puddle on the floor, if you like such style. It will give an effect of a tall window and will add a unique decorative accent to the entire room.
  • If the privacy and light blockage is not your priority – put decorative curtain rod above the window and hang sheer valance or window scarf. Such dressing will not hide your beautiful arch and on the same time will give an additional charm to the whole window.
  • If your interior style is one of those, for which stained glass is a distinctive element of décor, in other words, if you have Gothic, Tudor, Art Deco, even Modern interior style, you may consider this window treatment for your arched window, or for the part of it.
  • There is another window treatment style that goes well with arched and bay windows. Not so cheap, but very attractive - decorative window wooden or iron grille. It’s not for light blockage, or privacy control, but looks really stunning!

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