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Bamboo Shades - It’s All About The Texture

Bamboo shades look very simple and very attractive at the same time. They give a casual, relaxed atmosphere to the room. Though these shades don’t match a formal interior well, they go perfectly with many others and add real charm to a room.

Bamboo Blinds
Photo by Olga Gutovska
These shades came from the Far East – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Japan – where bamboo is a very popular material not only for window shades, but also for rugs, furniture, and various home items. They are lightweight, not as expensive as wood blinds and can give plenty of shade not only to your home but also to your porch or patio.

Bamboo shades, which are also called woven shades don’t have as many variations in colors as vinyl or aluminum blinds. But you are mistaken if you think that there aren’t many choices with this type of window treatment. Though the color selection is limited, there is a wide range of textures and materials that the woven shades can be made of.

Indeed, bamboo shades are not about color, they are much more about texture. There is an endless selection. Some woven shades can be softer and look like a sort of fabric, while others are sturdier. This depends on the material and type of the weave. The colors may vary also, though the color choice is limited compared to other types of window blinds and shades, and confined to different tones of natural beige, brown, and sometimes green. On rare occasions you can find black woven shades. Keep in mind, though, that because of the natural materials used, colors may vary from shade to shade and it’s almost impossible to find several shades with the same color. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend ordering a whole set of woven shades for the same room, if you want to them to match. But, as mentioned above, the real beauty of bamboo shades is in their natural look and feel, not in their color. If you feel that your interior need a touch of bright color in the window dressing, you can add colored draperies or valances to your bamboo shades.


Textures Collection

Look at the collection of woven shades in the store or online, and you will be amazed of how different they are. There is wide range of materials and woven patterns: matchstick blinds, bamboo slats with matchsticks, grass and jute with thick and thin slats, various patterns of grass weaves. Contrasts between different materials and colors in the same weave create interesting effects and give a unique charm to woven blinds. They look so appealing you want to look at them more and more…

But what style fits your interior? If you prefer the look of wooden blinds, you can choose bamboo matchstick shades, which are made of horizontally oriented bamboo sticks, fastened together by colored threads. There are some variations in styles: you may select matchstick shades with thin bamboo sticks, or flat bamboo slats, or with their combinations. You can also find matchstick blinds that not only look like horizontal wooden blinds, but also can be operated like them. The difference is only in material used for this blinds: the slats made of bamboo, not of regular wood. If you like shades that give you a feeling of soft fabric, you can select one of these various beautiful woven textures that are created from softer plants: grass, jute, etc.

When choosing bamboo shades, keep in mind that different woven patterns provide different levels of privacy and light control. If you are still in doubt of what will be better for your light blockage and privacy control needs, order several swatches and check them out at your home. Look through them in daylight and in the evening, when electric lights are on. In the daytime you can see how they diffuse sunlight, and in the evening you’ll see what level of privacy they provide. Just turn on the light in the room and stand behind the doorway in a dark room, holding the blinds in front of you. Now try to observe the room through the swatch. The more difficult it is to see, the better privacy control you can get with this type of bamboo blinds. For complete light blockage you can order privacy lined shades.

Bamboo shades and woven wood shades can instantly create that much needed 'green' effect in any room.

Bamboo Blinds – What Are They Made Of?

Do you think they are made only of bamboo? - Not exactly. “Bamboo blinds” and “bamboo shades” are very general names for this type of window blinds. “Woven shades” is a more precise term for it, because bamboo is only one of many materials used today for this type of window treatment. Read more...


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