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Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay Window Curtain Rods

Selecting the perfect bay window curtain rods is just as important as picking out curtains because they are a decorative accent that enhances the look of your home. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes but can also be custom made to fit your windows, match the fabric of your couch, or the color of your wallpaper. The price of these curtain rods fluctuates depending on your needs and is greater for a customized piece.


Sometimes simple is better and basic bay window curtain rods can be found anywhere. They have convenient features, such as an adjustable lock and seam which allows you to build on to the rod, extending its length, and come in neutral colors such as white, black, nickel, and brass. In addition to the adjustable rod, you may have the need to purchase a standard metal, two angle bar with sides measuring between 18 and 42 inches and an adjustable middle of 36 to 63 inches or a corner dauphine rod offering flexible hinges and snap in, swivel end-brackets. Take a look at these beautiful pre-packed adjustable curtain rods that can be used for bay windows with special corner adapters.

Square Rods

Square bay window curtain rods generally measure one and a quarter inches in diameter, though bigger sizes are obtainable, and adjust to different widths ranging from 16 to 28 inches, 28 to 48 inches, 48 to 86 inches, 90 to 144 inches, and 144 to 255 inches. The color options for this type of rod include antique brown, which gives the appearance of real wood, gold, pewter, white, or black and all poles come with mounting hardware.

Custom Rods

If you want a unique look, custom designed bay window curtain rods might meet your needs. These metal rods are heavy duty, made to hold a pound and a half per foot and match your specific dimensions. Custom corner rods are manufactured with deductions in width so that they properly hang within your window frame, or you may opt to install a two, three, or four-angle bay window traverse curtain rod depending on your needs. For added personalization and convenience, curtain rod motors, which open and close the panels and have a timer, are available through various retail locations.

Double Rods

To layer curtains, a double bay window rod is a viable option. The double rod fits a pocket of one and a half inches or larger and has modifiable side and center bars that are typically between 18 to 42 and 36 to 63 inches. These rods usually come complete with the mounting hardware, which enables you to hang a sheer and heavy curtain, a curtain and a valance, or a swag and jabot.

Decorative Rod Ornaments

If you want to dress up your curtains, a variety of colors and rod end ornaments are accessible through many window treatment companies. Some decorative options include knob, square, glass, birdcage, leaf, pineapple, bell, and ball finials, which are sold in pairs. Most of the time, the colors of the finials are made to match those of the curtain rods, which are typically hand-finished in shades like antique brass, antique brown, nickel, white, and black. Depending on the rod you buy, finials are included but to add a personal touch, you can buy your own and switch them whenever you want.

Bay windows provide a lot of sunlight, all of which you may want to let in, filter, or keep out. Determining the type of lighting you want in a room helps in selecting what bay window treatments to use, which then allows you to complete the look with your ideal bay window curtain rods and matching finials.

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