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Bay Window Treatments

Bay Window Treatments

Residential and commercial bay window treatments can be challenging when trying to coordinate with standard window decor. Frustrations can easily be avoided by using a little creativity.

Window Treatments for the Minimalist

For those without the time or inclination towards creativity, try the minimalist approach to bay window treatments. One of the benefits of the bay window is the spectacular panoramic view provided. If you would like to maintain the maximum view at all times, go naked! The reference is to the window, of course, and many do not want to spoil the view.

It is perfectly acceptable and very modern to dress up the window with a decorative valance of fabric or fabric covered cornice board with sheers at the outer edges for the most minimal bay window treatments. If you require privacy at times, it is easy to install a motorized roller shades behind the cornice or valance with a remote control that will let you raise and lower the shade without having to climb over any furniture you've placed in front of the window.

The Plantation

Wooden or faux wood plantation shutters are extremely popular. With the options of hinging, folding, operable, and fixed lovers you can achieve almost any ambiance you want including formal, casual, or private. Fine wood such as ash or oak might be used with a nice stain finish to create a formal setting. Use paint grade shutters for a bright white or color coordinated shutter for contrast in the room.

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If the bay window is in a young ladies'room, bright colors of pink and lavender can be used to create that special feeling of being a girl. Likewise, if the room is a young man's room the stained finishes or darker colors help impart a more masculine feel to the room.

Regardless of the decorative need, plantation shutters are truly one of the most versatile bay window treatments and are readily available and customizable from online sellers, big box stores and professional window treatment shops.

Window Seats

Another often overlooked consideration as a treatment for a bay window is the box seat. Easily constructed by the home hobbyist or professionally done by the local carpenter, the result is extra seating space. The extra storage space underneath the seats is usually a welcome benefit and the box window seat usually becomes a focus for the room with decorative cushions and pillows that match other furniture. Add some roller shades and decorative sheers to finish off a traditional and functional area.

Check out these elegant inexpensive sheers that can enhance the look of your beautiful bay window.

The Stage Effect

A dramatic effect can be created by installing a straight curtain rod or drapery track just below the ceiling in front of the bay window. Find a matching fabric to go with your existing decorations and have the curtain or drapes fabricated to blend with the rest of your window coverings. A fine piece of sculpture might be placed on the sill of the opening to be showcased. If you are a lover of plants and flowers you might place a beautiful vase of your favorite floral arrangement which could be live or artificial.

Pleated Balloon Shades

One of the more dramatic bay window treatments you can do is to create a pleated ballooning operable shade on the windows. The combination of square windows and rounded treatments seem to balance each other and can bring an exciting focus to the bay window with the ballooning shades expanding from different directions. Combining this pleated balloon effect with a box window seat results in an exciting, functional, attractive, and useful application for a bay window.

Keep an open mind and explore all the possibilities when planning your course of action for creating the perfect solution for bay windows. Many unique and traditional treatments are available to create the perfect ambiance.

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