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How To Become An Interior Decorator For Your Own Home

9 Things that you need to know

When you decided to become an interior decorator for your own home, there is no need to get a degree in interior decoration, but there is a good idea to consider a number of things.

  • Even if you need to get something new for your home, don’t buy it right now only because it looks attractive or because of its low price. Remember, you are going to see and to use this item every day, maybe for many years. You should really love it and it should be comfortable for you. Try to do without this item until you find something that really match your taste and needs and fits your home interior.

  • If you are a beginner in home decoration, don’t start with a big project. Begin with something small and simple. In this way you will gain an experience and self-confidence in your new “career”. For example, you can change furniture arrangement in your living room or decorate the kid’s room with wall decal.

  • When you feel that you can’t do without an expert in your home improvement or interior decoration project, consider a compromise: hire a professional specialist for consultations about problem areas in your house where you really need a professional look and advice, but go your way in the rest of your home decoration projects and make your own decision about how your interior will look like.

  • If your budget is limited, be creative: look for discount decorator fabric, for example, or give a new life to your own old items by renew them or transforming into a new things.
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    Your new project or a new item not necessarily should be very expensive to look astonish and unique in your interior. Something old from your grandma’s chest can surprisingly refresh your interior. Discount and cheap items can also look great in your interior when you choose them wisely. Look for things that really can fit your room by style, color, ornament.
  • Spend your money reasonably: save on less essential projects, or when you don’t care much about the quality of this particular item. But if the thing is really important for you, if you plan to use it intensively for many years, or when it should be safety for your kids, like window blinds in the kid’s room, - make an effort and shop for a high-quality product. You will avoid many troubles in the future and also will save your money.

  • Look for new home improvement and home decoration ideas that can fit just your specific interior. Actually you can do it in many places: look through home décor magazines when you waiting in your hair salon, doctor’s office, when you stay in the line in your supermarket (there are usually many magazines near cashier).

  • Gain knowledge of things you plan to obtain: furniture, window treatment, floors, rugs, home décor fabrics. You can find a lot of information online, in the home improvement store, in books and in magazines.

  • Learn about different colors and its combinations, about color palettes. Note how you feel in different colored spaces. Learn also about home interior styles, furniture, ceramic, fabrics and about their possible combinations. I hope that part of useful information you will find on this site.

  • roll of wallpaperIf you think that previous advices are boring and are time-consuming, look at them from practical point of view. When you learn all these new things, think about yourself. Ask yourself in which interior style you will feel most comfortable, what colors you would like to see in your home every day and which colors or color combinations you can’t stand at all.
    What surfaces and textures do you like to touch?
    What types of textile, ceramic, wall décor looks attractive to you?
    What items would you like to have in your home – something classic, natural and warm, like wood, cotton and ceramic, or materials with contemporary look, such as glass, metal and synthetic fabrics?

    When you answer these questions, you will know exactly what to look for and what to avoid, so it will be much easier for you to go your own way in the home decoration, and to be your own home interior decorator.


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