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Best Ways to Save Money – Traditional and Modern

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I’m sure that you have already heard a lot of best ways to save money, but it’s all the same, they don’t work for you. Right? So, what’s the problem, why they don’t work? Because the key to success in money saving is not to look for another great way to save money. The key is to pick some from your “Best Ways to Save Money List”, remember them and stick with them. Choose ones that suit the best your personality and your lifestyle – it will be easier for you to follow them. You can even “adjust” some traditional best ways to save money that your grandma used for making them modern and more attractive.

Here are some examples:

Keep track of your home budget

It was known from your great-grandma times – a good household need a good bookkeeping. Actually, it’s a basis of successful money saving – to track all your money transactions and know exactly where it goes.

Nothing has changed since then, you need to make your household budget like your grandma did, but there is one difference – instead of writing down all these records into bulky bookkeeping journal, you can take advantage of new technology, get personal finance software such as Quicken and start managing your money effectively. If you plan to save money for certain purpose, like home improvement for example, you can use a feature of this program named “saving goals”. It automatically separates your saving for the goals you create there.

Use cash instead of credit cards

Your grandma didn’t know much about credit cards - all her capital was in cash. Though it was much easier for her to control money spending, she couldn’t earn interest from her money since her “funds” were hold in a jar.

You certainly know that using cash instead of credit cards is one of the best ways to save money. The problem is that to carry a large sum in the pocket is not practical and also is not very safety. Now you can get prepaid credit cards that work like cash, but all you need to carry is a piece of plastic. Even more, if you give pocket money to your kids you can get prepaid credit cards for teenagers. It’s an efficient way to control your teen’s spending.

Save money on grocery

When our grandmas shopped for food they searched several grocery stores for best prices. Then they cooked meals from scratch. They did it every day because they couldn’t store prepared meal for a long time.

Unlike your grandma you have this opportunity – you have a freezer. Use it and your other kitchen appliances more efficiently and save on food. For example, make your own quick frozen vegetables from discounted fresh ones. Just cut them into pieces, boil and then freeze them in plastic bags or boxes. You can do the same for preparing your own frozen meals from inexpensive ingredients. Make souses and dips from fresh products using your food processor. There is endless of variations. Of course, you need more time and more effort for cooking from scratch, but the good news is that doing this you not only save a lot of money, but also eat healthier food and then can save on your medical bills in the future.

One of the best ways to save money is to set a goal, such as home decorating project and to calculate its estimated cost. It’s much easier to save money if you have motivation for it and know at least approximately what amount you need to get.

And finally:

Want to save your money? - Save your time!

Looking for best prices, preparing meal from scratch, planning a budget and tracking expenses… Let's face it: saving money is time consuming process, so learn to manage your time. Get tools for good time management, such as electronic organizers, find ways to use it more effectively and rearrange your schedule if needed.

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