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Blackout Curtains – They Don’t Have To Be Black!

In fact, they can be in any color, but they block light perfectly!

So what are you looking for - black or blackout? Just in case you are looking for black curtains, you may look for them here – though it’s not exactly about curtains, it’s relevant for them also!

And now about blackout curtains. In fact, if you want to get a complete light control in the room, shop for thermal or for insulated curtains Since foam backing on thermal curtains and curtain liner on insulated drapes provide also a perfect light blockage, you will get blackout curtains, which will give you also a good insulation and will reduce noise from outside.

Thermal blackout curtains usually come in solid colors, but the color range is so broad that you definitely can select the best one for your specific interior. There is also a wide variety of curtain styles – you can find pinch pleated curtains, grommet, tab top, and pole pocket curtains.

If you would like to get patterned blackout drapes, look for lined ones: regular drapes with a privacy liner attached to them. The liner is often made of white or cream satin fabric. This type of fabric is thick enough to provide an excellent light blockage. Along with light control such liner will also prevent your curtains from fading.

The only disadvantage of these types of blackout curtains is that they are quite thick and heavy weight. You will need a sturdy curtain rod for them. Because of their thickness there is sometimes difficult to drape them in desirable way. But this problem could be solved: instead of thick thermal or lined curtains you can shop for privacy liner that can be hanged separately (you will need an additional curtain rod for them).

Blackout curtains can be great solution for many rooms: bedroom, kids or baby rooms, home theater. But sometimes there is difficult to match blackout curtains to the existing interior style. So you may consider other blackout window treatments.

Blackout Blinds

  • Wood, faux wood and aluminum blinds are the best choice among blackout blinds. They are especially good for home media center, where you need a complete light blockage.

  • Vertical blinds – depending on material they are made of, some of them only diffuse light gently, while others provide a perfect light control.

  • Vinyl horizontal blinds are not recommended for blackout window treatment, since they don’t give a good light control.

Blackout Shades

  • Cellular window shades, pleated window shades and roller window shades may vary in their level of light control. There are shades that only filter an extra light and reduce glare, and there are others that can block all light coming into the room. When you shop for pleated, cellular, or roller shades, pay attention to the material they made of. You can select the desirable level of light blockage, by choosing an appropriate type of such shades.

  • Bamboo shades – many people love them, they look really very attractive in many home interiors, but they don’t block light very well. If you want to get bamboo shades for your home, but worry about light and privacy control, you can solve the problem by adding a privacy liner to your favorite bamboo shades.

  • Roman shades – another very popular type of window shades. As in previous case, the ability to block extra light depends on material, roman shades are made of. You will get blackout roman shades if you look for lined ones.


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