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Blackout Roman Shades

Blackout Roman Shades

Blackout Roman Shades are best suited for bedrooms because they prevent the morning light from waking you up and television rooms since they omit any glare normally produced by the sun. These woven fabric window treatments are molded to create soft, flowing shapes, which can be customized to fit the various size windows in your home. Check out this selection of quality room darkening roman shades from BlindsGalore.


Blackout Roman shades are commonly manufactured from special fabric that provides privacy and often combines blackout and insulating features that allow saving energy. Room darkening roman shades come in the flat fold style, which, when lifted, creates grand overlapping folds often referred to as a "hobbled" appearance. These particular window treatments are often available in red, burgundy, pink, brown, and various hues of white and grey but darker colors, such as navy and black can also be found. Many of these shades often come with a standard six inch valance to complete the look as well as the mounting hardware.

The panels are managed by an operational system that allows you to control how much light enters the room and a clear stop ball and tassel slowly releases the shade, lifting it and putting it down. While these shades are not cordless, the operating system does meet the child safety regulations and the cords match the color of the window treatment. The cord is hidden completely out of sight and you have the option to add brackets which the cord loops around.

The sizes for these basic blackout Roman shades vary from 15 to 96 inches although some retailers do provide custom widths and lengths.

Additional Advantages

Aside from standard blackout panels, there is a collection of Fusion Insulating Roman Panels from Comfortex® that provide great insulation to the room. These stylish room darkening shades are constructed from blackout fabric layer and single cell honeycomb liner that not only will save you energy, but also will give a uniform appearance to the outside view. These shades come in width range from 18 to 96 inches. You may select from different fabric styles: Torino Marble, a collection of elegant pastel colored fabrics and Bora Bora, textured fabrics that were inspired by tropical grasses. All these panels come with standard continuous cord lift and optional fabric valance.

There are also regular and top down/bottom up regular and top down/bottom up blackout roman shades from Levolor® that are available in 18 solid colors. In addition, you may choose from several lift options: standard cord lift, continuous loop cord and cordless option that is especially important for kid's rooms because of safety issues.

A Little More Flare

Blackout Roman Shades
Valencia Day & Night Roman Shades

In addition to traditional blackout Roman shades, there is also the Valencia Day & Night Shades, which come with both a transparent and a room darkening shade. Each shade moves individually so you have complete control over how much light does and does not come into a room. A vast selection of fabrics and colors are available and popular sizes are between 16 and 108 inches for this particular product.

Standard Features

Most collections of blackout Roman shades come in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices varying with the retailer. The flat and hobbled styles are always the same but not everyone offers both with the insulated or blackout options. All of the shades can be mounted inside or outside of your window frame, are operated with some type of cord, whether it is manual or mechanical and most retailers offer some type of warranty or money back guarantee.

Blackout Roman shades are functional and stylish and although ideal for certain spaces, can be used to dress up windows in any room. However, it is important to shop around as there are many variables when selecting the right window dressing. It is always best to pay a price that you are comfortable with for an item that you like from a company you trust; otherwise, don't buy it.
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