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Cheap Decorating Ideas — Refresh Your Interior With Unique Elements

Wall Paper
Why are you looking for cheap decorating ideas? Do you live in a rented apartment and need an inexpensive and quick solution for your interior decoration? Has your budget been decreasing? Or, maybe you just want to save money for other purposes… Anyway, it doesn’t matter what your reason is, you shouldn’t be ashamed of looking for cheap decoration ideas for your home. Cheap home décor doesn’t mean that your home will look cheap. Cheap decorative items can be surprisingly refreshing for your interior and can add a unique charm to a room.

Explore your creative and imaginative skills

There are a lot of cheap decorating ideas around, especially for those who have some do-it-yourself skills. But even if you don’t, you can still decorate your home in a unique way. Just don’t be afraid to learn something new and to do something that you’ve never done before. After all, it can be such a thrilling experience!

So, let's start...

First, find out what exactly you would like to achieve by decorating your room.

Maybe you want to hide those ugly spots and cracks on the walls? Or to renew old furniture, or to get new window dressing? Maybe you feel like you need to change the entire room’s appearance? When your goal is identified, you will know exactly what to look for.

Now let’s go and look for inspiration...

Sometimes a small thing or event can give you inspiration and lead you in a new direction in your room decoration. It can be a picture, a photo in a home décor magazine that you saw in a store (by the way, you don’t need to by one, just look through it for inspiration). It can even be a walk through a park in your neighborhood. A vacation trip is also an ideal way to get inspired and to return with new ideas about your home decoration. A trip to the sea, for example, could add a nautical theme to your home décor.


And Here Are Some Really Cheap Decorating Ideas
Part I:

Gather old things you have at home and look through them: maybe you can transform them into decorative home accessories. For example:

  • Colored Bottles
    Photo by Daniel Andres Forero
    A bottle or a collection of bottles as a unique home décor
    Do you have some empty bottles of wine, liquor, or juice with interesting shapes or colors? Arrange them on a shelf as a collection. You can also decorate them by painting them, or twine them with threads.

  • Colored buttons collection for a wall décor
    Do you have a collection of buttons of different sizes or colors? – With them, you can create an inexpensive piece of wall art. Just arrange them on a piece of fabric as you like, sew them down, then glue this fabric onto a piece of cardboard and frame it.
    Variation: instead of framing them, you can create a cute décor on your old cushion with some brightly colored, large buttons.
    Colored Buttons
    Photo by Paolo Ferla
  • A piece of fabric as a beautiful, yet cheap wall decor
    Sometimes we are left with one or two pieces of really beautiful fabrics and don’t know how to use them: though they are not that small, their size doesn’t allow for sewing any item from them. So how can we use them? The simplest way is to create an application on a pillow, on a shirt, and etc. But there is also another choice. Do you think you can hang only framed pictures on your walls? No! You can do the same with a piece of fabric. Stretch it on a wooden frame, staple it on and hang it on the wall—it really can be a piece of art!

  • Colorful pebbles and small stones can be an attractive and very cheap home décor
    Decorative Stones
    Photo by Gaston Thauvin
    Have you ever been on the beach? Then you have probably enjoyed the beauty of small stones and shells scattered there. Maybe you’ve even picked especially beautiful samples of these and brought them home… But when they dried out, they lost their beauty. But don’t throw them away! You can return their eye-catching color by placing them in water. Just place them in a glass jar or in a ceramic bowl and pour some water so that it covers the stones.
    Tip: You can achieve an interesting effect if you place white and light-colored stones into a dark ceramic bowl.


Read more about Cheap Home Décor and other Cheap Decorating Ideas: Part II
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