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Cheap Faux Wood Blinds

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds

Enhance Your Windows on a Budget

Cheap faux wood blinds, which sometimes are called alternative, or wood-looking blinds, could be a great substitute to costly wooden blinds for several reasons. For centuries, people have used wooden blinds for their windows to get privacy and to control incoming sunlight. In fact, wood was the preferred material for window blinds in 18th century America, years before the price of wood increased and cheaper metal and plastic made the scene.

Though modern homeowners have more window blind choices then ever before - warm, attractive wood is still a favored material for accenting a home’s interior. But because of high cost of real wood such blinds became almost luxury items for many homeowners. If you one of those, who dream about wood blinds, but have a tight budget, consider cheap faux wood blinds instead, they can offer the same benefits of real wood.

Wood-looking blinds, crafted from durable vinyl or a wood/vinyl composite, are available in a wide variety of colors and have many advantages of traditional wood blinds. Even cheap faux wood blinds can offer you:

  • Ability to match existing wood finishes
  • Variety of styles to complement your decor
  • Durable construction
  • Conform to child safety guidelines
In addition to these benefits, they have some practical features that you can’t get with real wood:
  • Lower cost
  • Moisture resistance – great for using them in bathroom, laundry room or kitchen
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean, because they are washable

Most alternative wood blinds are easy to install and can be cut by the factory or retailer to fit the size of your window just as standard horizontal mini blinds. You can also arrange for a professional to measure your windows and install the blinds. Most of retailers that sell them are able to set you up with an installer if needed.

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Inexpensive faux wood blinds may be the right choice if you’re looking to achieve the pleasing look of wood without the exorbitant cost. As for their prices, such blinds are much easier to find then their cheap wooden counterparts. Decent quality white or natural faux wood blinds can be found for just under $30 or less without installation. Generally, faux wood blinds get more expensive as the variety of styles, textures, and colors increases. You can find these blinds with rounded edges, fabric accents to match your furniture, customized pulls, and other optional features, which can really add to the price. Extremely cheap faux wood blinds (less than $20) do exist, but may not provide the durability and reliability of more expensive brands as they are often crafted from inferior material.

If you’re shopping for faux wood blinds, you have literally scores of retailers to choose from. Many of them carry limited selections of discounted faux wood blinds; big-box home improvement stores offer a wider variety as well as sample books you can order from. An emerging source of good quality and affordable faux wood blinds is the internet. Online window treatment stores offer many of the same buying options you’d expect to find in a home improvement or specialty window covering store, such as samples you can have sent to your home to find just the right match, detailed buyers guides with measuring and installation tips, and countless ways to customize your purchase. Most provide toll-free customer service numbers if you’d prefer to speak with a live person before placing an order.

With the wide range of choices available today, it’s easier than ever to enhance your home with cheap faux wood blinds. They can be customized to complement your personal style, be it traditional or contemporary, and bring the rich, attractive appearance of wooden blinds into your home.

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