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Cheap Room Dividers

If you want to divide your room, it shouldn’t be an expensive project. There are some great cheap room dividers that you can find in home decor stores or create by yourself. And they won’t seem cheap at all, they can look really elegant!

  • Folding screens – ideal and cheap room dividers

    Japanese folding screens
    Photo by Mark Pulley

    Yes, they really are! Folding screens are light weight, mobile and compact, so you can use them even in a small space when you need privacy there. In addition to room divider you can get also a charming home decor. These screens are sometimes called by their Japanese name Shoji, because in Japan they are a typical element of traditional interior. So if your home decor style happens to be Japanese, or if you plan to decorate your home in such style – these room dividers are just for you! You can find plenty of these simple and elegant screens in stores, and they are really inexpensive.

    But even if your interior style is far from being Japanese or Orient, don’t worry. Folding screens come in so many different styles and materials that you can easily find the suitable ones for your specific interior. There are many beautiful folding screens that you can find in almost every home decor store and online. And if you are lucky, you can also get discounted folding screens there!

  • Window draperies – an economical way to create room divider

    In some spaces it’s a good idea to use draperies as room dividers. You may hang curtains or light sheers, using ceiling mounted traverse rods. You can also find curved traverse rods for such curtains, if you want to separate a sleeping area in your studio apartment, for example. Window curtains are also great dividers for bay windows, if the area between these windows is deep enough and you plan to create there a comforting nook for yourself and your family.

  • Furniture arrangement – a great way to get cheap room dividers

    This scheme works well in a large area, when you don’t need privacy, but just want to divide a huge room to smaller, pleasant living spaces, maybe with different functions. It will also work in a big studio apartment. Arrange your sofas and armchairs around a coffee table to create a comfortable sitting area, separate your dining area from entire room with a beautiful area rug or by hanging accent lights above the dining table, and so on.
    Home Interior
    Photo by Fleur Suijten

    The secret of successful furniture room dividing is to group items that match each other by style, color or texture. Using this scheme you can make different small cozy spaces with different styles and functions in one large room, and even can create in each space its unique atmosphere.

  • Decorative plants and trees can become really cheap room dividers

    Potted Plant
    Photo by Marcelo Moura
    Decorative plants and trees in planters and planter stands may work as unique space dividers. You can find interior planters in different sizes, shapes and materials – ceramic, fiberglass, metal, wood.

    If you don’t have time for caring about natural plants, shop for artificial ones. You can find many beautiful silk plants, trees and flowers that are very beautiful and look like natural ones. Such room dividers suit well a large living room and bring a garden atmosphere to your interior.

    Place several trapezoid planters to separate two spaces, or, if you need more privacy in the room use decorative display shelf with several potted plants on it. You can also transform an empty space in the large room into warm, inviting nook by arranging there a group of potted plants.


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