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Cheap Window Shades

What Are Your Options?

If you decide to get cheap window shades to cover your windows with, you will find today more options then ever before. They can be found in innovative and exotic styles, giving us the freedom to dress up our windows in a way that complements our interior style. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s decor and save some money, make a search and you can definitely find inexpensive window shades that will get the job done.

Whether you opt for basic, functional, discount store shades or customized window shades made to match your preferences, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the types of shades available. They generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Roller Shades - classic and functional, they are usually made of natural or synthetic fabric, which is rolled around a cylinder and raised or lowered simply by pulling on the hem. A number of online retailers offer cheap roller shades that filter light or completely darken the room. If you’re looking for budget window dressing, this type is a classic yet stylish way to go.
  • Roman Shades, which are crafted from different types of fabrics, function by a pull cord that causes the shade panel to gently fold up into itself. These shades have a clean, timeless appeal and fit many interior styles from traditional to contemporary, since they come in many styles, and fabric choices. If you make an online research, you may find cheap roman shades in a number of stores. Usually they are ready-made for several window sizes. The fabric selection can be limited as well, but you can definitely expect a good quality product.
  • Cellular Shades are created from pleated fabric layers that form open “cells” between the folds. You can find single, double, or triple cellular shades, depending on a number of cell layers. These shades are very efficient in energy saving and the larger number of cell layers the better insulation it provides. The fabric choices for these shades range from light cotton to synthetic stain resistant, washable, and dust repellant fibers. You may find shades that block light completely or just filter it. There is also a wide selection of colors available. Cheap cellular shades are not so easy to find, but you can get them on a budget either in some local window treatment stores or online. There are several online marketplaces, like Amazon and Blindsgalore, which carry cheap cellular shades.
  • Bamboo Shades come in wide range of beautiful textures created by combinations of natural materials woven together. These materials may include not only bamboo sticks and slats, but also jute, grass, reed or rattan fibers. Bamboo or woven wood shades create a unique, relaxing atmosphere and can be used both in the home and for patio shading. You can find low-priced bamboo shades online, but keep in mind that there can be limitation of colors, textures and size options. Extremely cheap bamboo shades are crafted from synthetic materials that mimic natural fibers.

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But the winners among cheap window shades are made of durable paper Redi Shade window shades.

All these cheap window shades are available at big-box home improvement stores and major discount stores, however, even better deals can be found with online retailers. A quick web search for cheap window shades will yield scores of online storefronts that offer deep discounts and many customization choices. In addition, many of these sellers offer decorating tips as well as professional measurement and installation services to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase.

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