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Cheap Window Treatments

The application of cheap window treatments does not necessarily mean a lack of quality.

Many times an inexpensive method of installing a window treatment will be a temporary solution until a permanent solution is complete. In other instances the type of window covering one wants is beyond the budget and a more affordable type of covering will be chosen.

Temporary Window Treatments

Redi Shade Window Shades

These cheap window treatments are growing in popularity as a temporary and permanent solution to provide privacy and sun protection. Redi Shade window shades come in variety of styles. You may find cheap temporary paper shades, or a little bit more expensive made of fabrics cellular shades that range from light filtering to complete light blockage. They can be found in several colors and sizes and you can even get a hard to find Arch Redi Shades that fit standard arched windows. The size can be trimmed easily by special shade trimming tool .

The good thing is that such window shades are very easy to install and could be removed in seconds if needed. They are great for do it yourselfers or may be installed by your professional installer.

Click here to view a wide selection of Redi Shade products that you can purchase online.

Bed Sheet Window Treatment

Installing a temporary treatment for windows does not have to be tacky. One of the more popular methods of temporary treatments is to put up bed sheets. Depending on the thread count of your bed sheets this might be effective for privacy but is not always an attractive solution.

Inexpensive Options

Draperies and Curtains

Installing draperies and curtains are another popular solution to cheap window treatments. If you know how to sew the creations you can come up with are infinite. Drapery rods in all styles and lengths are available at hardware and department stores. Fabric choices, color, and sizes of all types are available and easily adapted to most window sizes.

Browse this beautiful online selection of elegant curtains that comes in variety of styles and colors at very attractive prices.

Determining whether you want fixed or operable curtains and draperies is the first choice to decide upon. Next, decide on a color range and fabric texture. Finally, set a budget and if you can’t find an available, pre made product, visit your favorite fabric store where you will undoubtedly find a bargain to fulfill your desire for a cheap window treatment.

The application and alteration of curtains and draperies in addition to horizontal mini blinds can result in a very elegant appearance at a very economical price. You are limited only by your creativity as the selections for readymade solutions are vast and visiting a fabric store will provide an overwhelming selection of ideas.

Horizontal Mini Blinds

Horizontal mini blinds are the most often installed window treatments and pricing on this type of treatment will range greatly. Check out this assortment of quality mini blinds that can be found on discounted prices. The least expensive type is usually PVC, which look acceptable on smaller width windows. PVC blinds or vinyl mini blinds on wider width windows leave a little to be desired as they have a tendency to sag.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds are by far the most popular cheap window treatments on the market. One will find a very wide selection of standard sizes in most hardware stores and they usually have a device that can trim the blinds onsite to help you customize the application. Professional decorators and window treatment stores generally provide competitive prices and high quality for all types of mini blinds.

Roller Shades

Another great option for the budget minded customer is roller shades. Two major choices of roller shades are typically found. The traditional type is a spring loaded roller shade operated by simply pulling down on the shade, which locks in place until the bottom is slightly pulled and the locking mechanism is released. This type of roller shade is also found in hardware stores and department stores everywhere. Typically there will be a tool at the store designed to quickly cut the width to a custom sizes.

Clutch Shade

Another popular roller shade is the bead chain operated clutch shade. This type of shade is operated by a continuous bead chain of stainless steel or plastic beaded cord. The shade can be stopped at any point in the window as the roller clutch will hold the shade in place. Clutch operated shades are not as readily available in stores as they require a little more customization and are best trusted to a professional installer. However, if you can measure and are handy with a drill and screwdriver, a clutch operated shade can be found online at a great price!

By using a little creativity and sticking to a budget, cheap window treatments can be fun, attractive, and high quality.

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