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How to Look for Cheap Wood Blinds

Cheap Wood Blinds -
How to Look for Them

5 Things that You Need to Know

Your wish to get a dream window treatment for cheap is so tempting; you can’t help thinking about it. Even more, you have already seen several ads that claimed very affordable prices for wooden blinds and you are ready to run and buy them. Wait a minute. Take deep breath and read about a number of things that you need to know while looking for cheap wood blinds.

1. Are They Really Made of Wood?

First, be sure they are made of real wood. Sometimes you can see ads that claim wood blinds sales on low prices. But when you look closely, you realize that they are not real wood blinds, but wood-looking ones. So, check carefully the material they made of. Their wood should be real. Period.

2. What about Quality?

If you have found wood blinds that seem affordable, you might want to check their quality. There are usually two types of wood used in blinds manufacturing – basswood, or premium wood and ramin, or value wood. Ramin wood is heavier and less sturdy than basswood. As a result, blinds made of this ramin need more support for their slats and can be warp easier. There are also more difficult to raise and lower them. If you don’t care about such features, then go and get them. Otherwise, consider not so cheap, but sturdier basswood blinds. After all, they will pay for themselves in the future.

3. Ready Made or Custom Blinds?

What are your windows look like? Are they standard, wide, narrow? Do you need blinds for arch or bay windows? Your windows sizes and shapes are an important aspect when you start looking for inexpensive blinds. Why? Because chances are that if you find such blinds, they will be ready made, which means that they have fixed size. Or, you may choose from various width sizes, say, 24”-36”. But what if you need blinds for narrow or wide window? If you are lucky, you may find a company that offer custom cheap wood blinds, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Consider alternative window treatment instead, or create a “fund” for your dream window treatment. Find creative ways to raise money and best ways to save money for your “wood blinds project”.

4. Brands

If your dream is Hunter Douglas wood blinds – forget about finding them for cheap. Take an above advice about “wood blinds fund” and wait until you have a sum needed for top brand window treatment. Or, try to look for alternatives. Many online window treatment stores offer their own brand blinds. You may get nice premium wood blinds that cost far less than Hunter Douglas ones.

5. Colors and Features

Cheap wood blinds often have limited colors and features options. So, don’t expect to find for example, red or black window blinds for cheap. Be prepared also, that such things as motorize options or wood valance for your cheap blinds may not be available, or not be included in their price, and you will need to get them for extra money.

What Else?

Budget blinds are on sale sometimes because they are discontinued. Think twice before buying them. If you need to replace a broken slat or raising mechanism for such blinds in the future, it might be a big problem.

OK, now, when you are ready to look for cheap wood blinds, learn where to find them.

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