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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Our Christmas celebrating actually starts with Christmas decorating – when we plan Christmas decor, look for Christmas decorating ideas, find Christmas ornament and maybe make it by yourself or with our kids, and then arrange it through the house. The process is so enjoyable that many of us feel it’s a one of the most important parts of the holiday.

What is the focal point in your Christmas home decor?
If there is the Christmas tree – you probably need some fresh ideas to make it really eye-catching. If you don’t like big Christmas tree or don’t have room for such tree, you can choose the place in your home for Christmas decorative focal point and find Christmas decorating ideas for this place. It can be a tabletop, a mantel, if you have one, or the empty room’s corner. By the way, bay and bow window areas are always an excellent position for such decor. But even an open bookcase can be a wonderful place for Christmas focal point. Decorate it by using your creative skills, an existing home decor and Christmas ornament.

In addition to big Christmas tree or instead of it, you can place one or two mini Christmas trees on your tabletop, mantel or shelf. Decorate them with lights and small Christmas ornament and arrange with gold pinecones, Christmas figurines and snowflakes. If you have a large green potted plant, you can use it as alternative to Christmas tree. Just place some lights, garlands and lightweight Christmas ornament on it. You can also drape the flower pot with beautiful fabric or scarf or wrap it with Christmas themed wrapping paper.

Some Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Home

Tabletops, Mantel and Bookshelves

Arrange there lights and garlands and place beautiful Christmas decor. There is a lot of variation and you can use here whatever you like: beautiful gift boxes, Christmas cards, glass bowls filled with silver and golden balls, pinecones or chocolate, small Christmas tree and Christmas figurines, decorative candles.
Tip: to achieve an attractive look, choose one central element of your decor and place other items around this element. Also decide about color scheme for your decor and choose an ornament that matches that scheme.


Quick and Easy Christmas
Window and Wall Decoration:
Reusable Snowflakes Stickers

There is a lot of Christmas window decorating ideas out there. You may decorate window frames by garlands and ribbons. If you have draperies, use some garlands or beautiful ribbons as tiebacks. You can also hang Christmas socks, snowflakes and paper Christmas figurines on curtain rods. Put some paper Christmas ornament on the window. If you like to paint you can decorate your windows and mirrors using some opaque water based colors that can be easily removed later, like acrylic. The white ornament on the mirror gives an amazing decorative effect.


Hang one big Christmas wreath and several ribbons, along with garlands and lights. Decorate framed pictures with garlands and ribbons and arrange some Christmas cards as a wall decor.


Decorate the railing with lights, green or colorful garlands, ribbons and snowflakes. You can add some pinecones or Christmas balls.

Table and Floor Lamps

Drape them with garlands or pieces of colorful fabric. If you have extra Christmas ornament from the Christmas tree, you can hang it on your lamp.

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