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Easy Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Easy Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

By Rob Stone

Explore some easy and affordable Christmas window decorating ideas that you can accomplish together with your kids.

Christmas is always an extremely exciting time for both kids and adults alike with the front window being decorated with an array of Christmas lights and ornaments bringing it to life.

Christmas lights are going to be the first thing that makes a standard window look spectacular from both indoors and outside. The thrill of seeing passersby looking and appreciating the hard work put in to create a stunning decorated window is definitely worth the effort. You can find a huge range of Christmas lights available ranging from standard white lights to multicoloured flashing ones and even to lights in the shape of reindeers and Santa Claus.

To add to your Christmas lights, why not put a range of flashing light ornaments that will sit on your windowsill. There is a wide variety of Christmas ornaments, especially if you are looking online. They come in all shapes and sizes from traditional snowmen, cosy winter cottages and Christmas trees to the not so traditional, such as a set of beautiful Russian Matryoshka dolls that can sit along your windowsill in size order with their incredibly detailed designs.

Many people say, it’s the kids that make Christmas. Kids love to get involved with decorating process, but they also love to keep it simple. So when it comes to Christmas window decorating ideas, choose something your small ones can do themselves, like pinecones sprayed with glitter, hung together with glitter-covered string and stretching the full length of the window. Don’t forget also the wooly Red Christmas Stocking along with the mince pie for Santa Claus along with some gorgeous holly and berries.

Snow is always something that we relate Christmas to, so one of the great Christmas window decorating ideas is to add a snow effect to your window. There is very easy and effective homemade method to do it - just dampen cotton balls and shape into snowballs, then with a needle and a very thing thread, thread the needle through each snowball with several inches between each one and hang from the top of your window frame. With enough snowballs you can easily create the effect of falling snow that look beautiful from outdside, especially when lit from your Christmas window lights.

We all remember the Nativity Scene of Baby Jesus in the crib with the Three Wise Men. You can make your own variation of a Christmas Winter Scene by combining several snow covered cottages and houses together. Your unique Christmas village can be complete with a street of homes, trees, fences along with children playing in the snow.

If you are on a budget as many of us today, then making your unique Christmas window decorations is not just low in cost but also great fun, especially with your whole family involved.

About the author:
Rob Stone writes many articles on a range of subjects from Christmas Window Decorating Ideas to Home Improvement Ideas to DIY Construction such as Conservatories and their Prices online.

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