Countertop Colors with
Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

by Ruthann Marshall


What countertop colors go with cherry cabinets?


Thank you for your question. Cherry cabinets look very attractive and there are many countertop colors that work well with them. However, I would suggest you to look at entire kitchen decor before you choose one. Your countertop should fit not only cherry cabinets, but also the kitchen walls colors, flooring and most important – your kitchen backsplash.

As for colors: white, natural, light beige or grey tones would create beautiful contrast with cherry cabinets. Saturated beige and gold colors would provide warmth and coziness to the entire kitchen interior. If you prefer more sophisticated look, you may choose medium or dark grey tones, medium or dark bluish green shades, and even black. You may get either solid or patterned countertop.

It is a good idea to browse kitchen design books and catalogs for determining what colors you like best.

Recommended Books for Kitchen Design and Remodeling:
One practical tip: if you don’t like to wipe every stain and bread crumb on your countertop, but still want it to look clean – don’t go for solid colors, especially for very light or very dark ones. Instead, look for beige, gold, grey tones, preferably with small or medium patterns on them.

Hope it helps,

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