Curtain Idea for Long and Low Loft



We live in a converted small barn. The hallway runs the whole length of the house from front door to back. I have separated the living room into two parts because it is so long.

The problem is that we have a loft that is just as long and that runs along the top. Too low for living but we use it for storage. I have been doing the decorating with what you have thing, but this loft is confusing.
As in the pictures, we originally have painted lattice all along. It’s dusty and yucky so I thought of using fabric I already have to make curtains all along. It isn’t looking right either. Any ideas or solutions would be wonderful!

Thanks so much for any help. I would appreciate your advice,


Hi Linda,

Thank you for visiting my site and asking your question. I think your idea with curtains is not bad at all! Your existing curtains look boring because of their white color. They simply disappear on light walls. I understand your temptation to use the fabric you already have, but it wouldn’t solve your problem. Instead, I would find some bright color material that contrasts to the walls. This way you could turn the curtains into interesting decorative accent that would run all the way through your house and would tie your entire decor. You may choose whatever color you like; with your natural tone walls almost any color will look fine. Just pick the fabric that create a nice contrast to the walls and that matches your home interior.

Hope it helps you,

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Feb 03, 2011
by: Linda

Thanks Alina !

I will definitely take that into consideration. Took it all down for now :)

Jun 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jun 24, 2015
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