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Elegant Fabric Vertical Blinds, Practical Vinyl, Or The Modern Look Of Aluminum Verticals — Which Type Of Blinds Do You Prefer?

Fabric vertical blinds have remained popular for many years. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and textures. They give you a feeling of soft drapery and provide good privacy and light control for the room.

Fabric verticals have weights at their bottoms, which keep vanes in order when they move. These weights might be sewed into the bottom of a vane, or there may be chains between the vanes. The sewed-in weights are better, because chains can break easily.

When it’s windy, they are not as noisy as other types of verticals, but their cleaning is not as easy as it is for vinyl blinds. If you are concerned about maintenance, choose fabric vertical blinds with soil and dust resistance. Some manufacturers, such as Hunter Douglas, add this feature to their fabric and vinyl verticals. Or, there is another practical alternative: laminate vertical blinds—fabric vanes with vinyl backing.


Vinyl vertical blinds

are more practical than fabric verticals, because of their easy cleaning. They are produced with various levels of light control, from good to perfect. The color range is mostly pastel and neutral, but some bright and dark colors are also available. You can choose from solid colors to pattern and embossed vanes. If you live in an area with high humidity, vinyl blinds will be the most practical choice for your windows, because they are moist resistant and are easy to clean. You may also consider S-shaped verticals that provide complete light control and give a stylish drapery feeling.


Aluminum vertical blinds

If you are looking for a modern style window treatment, aluminum vertical blinds can be your choice. They give a modern, yet slightly cold look to the room, and you can find very impressive metallic or non-metallic bright colors: silver, gold, bronze, red, blue, green and others. Their vanes don’t have textures like fabric or vinyl blinds, but you can choose brushed aluminum, which gives a brushed painting effect. Aluminum vertical blinds are durable and easy to clean. They provide perfect light control, UV protection, and sound absorption.
You can find aluminum verticals at Hunter Douglas.


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