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Faux Wood Blinds — You Won’t Believe It’s Not Real Wood!

Do you like natural-looking materials in your home, such as ceramic and wood? If so, you will certainly like wood blinds for your windows. But what if you have many windows and your budget is limited? Or maybe you want wooden blinds near your kitchen sink or in the bathroom?
Living room with window blinds
Photo by Roger Kirby

They may look very attractive there, but not too practical in these areas of high temperature and moisture. So if you want real wood-like window blinds, but worry about the price or practical aspects, shop for faux wood blinds, which are also called alternative wood blinds.

It’s not a surprise that they have become so popular today: they’re a great alternative to traditional wooden blinds. Faux wood window blinds look very attractive, are more practical than real wood blinds, and are more affordable. Today you can come across faux wood blinds that really look like natural wood, and you can hardly believe they are made of synthetic materials.


Types of Faux Wood Blinds

There are two major types of faux wood blinds: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) blinds and composite blinds, which are a combination of wood and plastic. Composite blinds look more like natural wood, aren’t as heavy as PVC blinds, and are sturdier. They are also more expensive than PVC blinds.

But no matter what type of alternative wood blinds you get, remember that they are heavier than their wooden counterparts, and therefore need more cord ladders for proper support. Without this, slats of these blinds tend to warp.


The most accepted sizes are 1" and 2" faux wood blinds. 1" faux wood blinds are called mini blinds. You can also get 2.5" and 3" blinds, but because of their heavy weight it is quite difficult to raise and lower them.


Colors and Shapes

White and cream blinds have been very popular for many years, but today you can also choose from a variety of painted and stained alternative wood that perfectly imitates wood grains and provides a very realistic look of natural wood. So, with some effort, you can find blinds that match the wooden décor in your home nicely and supplement the rooms’ interior with the richness of real wood.

Like wood horizontal blinds, alternative wood blinds have flat slats, but you can also find blinds with curved slats, which increase light control when they are closed.


Features and Additional Options

With this type of window blinds you don’t need to worry about scratching or cracking. Unlike their wooden counterparts, they have warp and scratch resistance.

If you shop for your blinds at big companies, such as Hunter Douglas , Levolor , or Bali , you can choose many additional options that they provide. You can get motorized window blinds, no-holes blinds, blinds with cordless systems, and so on. Cordless lift system and motorization options are recommended for this type of blinds, because they are heavy, and it is difficult to raise and lower them very often.


How to Clean Them

The cleaning of alternative wood blinds is very easy. Use a soft cloth, slightly dampened with warm water. For better cleaning you can also use a mild soap, but avoid hot water or abrasive cleaners.


Where to Shop for Them

You can shop for custom faux wood blinds, or find ready made blinds online or in your local window treatment store. There are many chances to get discount faux wood blinds, especially in online stores.


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