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Faux Wood Vertical Blinds — Practical Choice With Natural Look

If you want to get wooden blinds but feel that your budget will not withstand their high price, or are worried about the damage they might suffer in high humidity areas like the bathroom or kitchen, consider faux wood vertical blinds, which are less expensive, more practical, but can still give you a feeling of real wood.

Vases and Vertical Blinds
Photo by Peter Anderson

Although horizontal faux wood blinds are more popular, you can also find faux wood verticals. Color and texture selection may be limited, but you can still find quality faux wood vertical blinds that are able match the wood furnishings in your home.

Quality and prices of this type of verticals may vary. Read more about it here. When you shop for faux wood vertical blinds, it’s a good idea to check several things.

Their quality depends on the materials they are made of. Low-priced faux wood blinds may be not very sturdy and may have a cheap plastic look instead of the natural wooden feeling that you need. So inspect them carefully before buying. Another thing you might want to check is soil and moist resistance, especially if you are buying them for the bathroom or kitchen — areas with high humidity and soil. For children’s rooms you need sturdy blinds that are warp and scratch resistant.

Faux wood blinds are heavy, and vertical blinds are in general heavier than horizontals, therefore they both need a very good headrail system that can bear their weight and effectively function for many years. That’s why it’s so important to check the quality of the headrail for your vertical blinds, especially for faux wood vertical blinds. Some companies provide headrail systems with automatic vane realignment for easy operation.

If you want to get extra features for your vertical blinds, such as draw, stack, and control option, go to well-known companies, like Levolor . Though their prices can be higher, they provide additional options for their products, and you get high-quality blinds with a lifetime warranty. These companies are a good choice when you need custom-made blinds for non-standard windows.

But if your windows are standard-sized and you are confident in your measuring abilities, shop around for discount faux wood blinds online or at home improvement stores. You can find very good products for affordable prices.


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