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French Door Window Treatments

Oh, you have a French door! It might be one of the most charming elements of your home. Usually they look wonderful even without any additional dressing. But if, for some reason, you are thinking about any French door window treatments, don’t worry – you have plenty of options.

French Door
French Door Photo by M Jarrell

You can add either blinds or shades to your French door, and even can choose from several types of them. Also, there are other choices of French door window treatments – you can do without shades or blinds, if you don’t like the idea to cover with them your beautiful French door.

Traditional French doors, also known as French windows, are constructed from a wooden frame and several glass panes with grilles between them, while modern French doors can be made of one large piece of glass that increases amount of light coming into a room. French doors can be used for different purposes - they are very popular as patio doors, as dividers between large living spaces, and as doors to a balcony. Both modern and traditional French doors create an inviting and a relaxing atmosphere in a room.

To decide what kind of French door window treatments is a best one just for your interior, determine first your needs and wishes: do you want to get more privacy and light blockage, or are you just looking for a beautiful dressing for your French door? And don’t forget about your existing interior style.


Variations of French door window treatments

Traditional French Window
French Windows in Arles, France
Photo by Louise Schuller

Horizontal Mini Blinds

You can choose wooden, aluminum, or vinyl mini blinds. It depends on your budget, taste and on your entire room appearance. With wood blinds you will get a classic informal look in the room, while aluminum blinds better match modern interiors. Vinyl mini blinds are a very practical choice, especially for high humidity areas, like bathroom or kitchen, but they may look not very attractive in such living spaces as living/dining room, patio, or a bedroom with a balcony, especially if you want your interior to look stylish. However vinyl mini blinds can be a perfect solution for a budget home decor (in a rental house, for example).

If you decided about this kind of French door window treatments, keep in mind, that horizontal blinds need enough space when they are completely opened. Look for an appropriate slat size. Wooden mini blinds usually come in 1” slat size, while vinyl and aluminum mini blinds can be 1/2” or 1”. Some manufacturers provide special shapes for their blinds. You may consider so called “cut-outs” option, if you order custom made window blinds and need space for door knobs.


Window Shades

  • Fabric roman shades – look nice for many interior styles - contemporary, country, classic, and so on. The level of privacy and light blockage depends on the type of fabric you select for your shades. As for your roman shades styles, you can choose one that you like the best and that match best your room interior.
  • Bamboo roman shades or bamboo roller shades go well with several interior styles – modern, orient, exotic, even classic. Depending on their texture, these shades may gently diffuse light, or block it completely.


Fabric French Door Window Treatments

  • Draperies – most traditional type of window treatments for French doors. There are endless of variations. With a wide range of fabrics and drapery styles, you can not only make your French doors more stylish, but also give a finished look to the entire room. If the space of the room allows - hang your draperies wide and high enough above the doors. It provides an additional elegance to the room and makes a door movement easier.
  • Sheers – you can hang them on your French doors using drapery rods on the top and the bottom of the doors. However, many people don’t like sheers because of their outdated look. You may consider screen shades or solar roller shades instead, which still provide outside view, protect furniture from sun rays and also reduce glare. You can install these shades in addition to draperies, or without them.


Window Decorating Ideas – Alternative Options For Your French Doors

If you don’t want to hide the beauty of your French doors, here are some other options for your choice:

Stained glass
Stained Glass
  • Stained glass - this window décor can be an important element for Tudor or gothic style interiors. It looks eye-catching from inside and outside of the house and gives feeling of warmth and luxury to any room. You can choose medieval objects, like coat-of-arms and portraits, or floral, geometric and abstract motives that match also traditional and even modern interiors.
  • Painting looks very attractive on windows and mirrors. You can do it yourself or find a professional master. Like stained glass, it goes well with many interior styles. If you like modern style - make an abstract or freestyle painted décor, or try to replicate a traditional stained glass, if you prefer a classic look.
  • Wall decal – of course, it’s not a solution for light blockage or privacy protection, but it’s a quick and budget way to decorate your French door and give a new interesting look to the room. Besides, if you don’t like it, you can remove it easily and without any damage to a window.


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