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How to Decide on Your French Door Window Treatments?

French Door Window Treatments

How to Decide on Them?

Two considerations when deciding on French door window treatments will help you determine the best course to take.

  • Style of door knob – If the style of door knob is a lever, the application of a hard window treatment will likely require a cutout.
  • Trim around the window – Many French doors have a raised piece of trim framing the glass which may require a projected mounting bracket.

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Soft French door window treatments are typically installed on some type of projected mount such as a rod. Because the fabric is typically flexible these considerations are not as important. Be aware of them all the same, especially if considering lighter colors as these tend to soil more easily.


A sheer treatment is by far the most popular French door window treatment. A rod is typically installed on the door above the glass opening and just below the glass opening. A pleated sheer is slid into place on both rods providing a few different options to position the cloth. You can also place a belt of fabric horizontally around the center to create an hour glass effect. Raising the belt up or down can alter the focus and direct attention to other features.


Some type of valance is almost synonymous with French door window treatments. The selections of different styles of valances are plentiful. Some of these include:

  • Balloon
  • Box Pleat
  • Cafe
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Scalloped
  • Swag
  • Straight

Always remember to get a double rod when combining valances and sheers on the same opening. The same goes for any kind of curtain or drape used on the French door with the valance hanging on the rod with the furthest projection.

Blinds and Shades

Almost as popular as the sheer, window mini blinds are typically the choice for the most budget minded. In fact, 1” mini blinds seem like they were invented for French door window treatments and are available in a rainbow of colors. Most French doors require a projected mounting bracket so don’t forget to pick up projection brackets when deciding on mini blinds for your French doors. A very popular combination is to use mini blinds and sheers together to achieve the hard line performance with a soft line texture.

Spring loaded roller shades and clutch operated bead chain roller shades are becoming very popular choices. Choose the light out or blackout fabrics if privacy is required. Light filtering fabrics of various openness factors may be used when protection for glare is required.

Top Down/Bottom Up

The top down/bottom up shade is an interesting type of treatment for French door windows. This style of shade can open down from the top or open up from the bottom. The advantage is being able to block the high sun while have an outward view through the lower section or allowing light in from the upper section while providing privacy at the lower section. The following styles of shades can be made into a top down/bottom up treatment:

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Safety Concerns

As most functional window treatments for French doors will have some type of cord, always use a cleat mounted to the door to wrap the extra cord. This is especially important if there are children present. Tying off the cord on a cleat will also prevent mishaps of cords getting caught outside by the wind when the doors are opened and closed.

Don’t stress over how to decorate with French door window treatments. With so many options available you will have no problems finding the perfect solution to fit your interior design plan and decor.

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