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Insulated Window Shades

Insulated Window Shades

Rob Stone

We would all like to save on our energy bills so whether you live in an apartment, house or cottage preventing heat loss through your windows is something we can all look to reduce. Double-glazing windows can be found in a huge amount of homes today but even this type of window can allow heat to leave the room. This is where window insulated shades can be very useful. These shades come in a wide range of attractive styles and colours. They often have also a light blockage feature, which make them a wonderful window dressing for bedrooms and home theatres.

Standard curtains and drapes reduce heat from your room at only around the 10%, since they still let air seep between or under them. Unlike curtains, insulated window shades do this job far more efficiently, because they sit close to the window glass and prevent air from leaking. Either way, insulation window shades can help here far more than standard curtains. There are many great deals offered, so it is always good to research the market for your desired type of window shades and special features available for them, especially the level of insulation they can provide.

Types of Insulated Window Shades

Cellular Window Shades

This is the most efficient type among insulated window shades. They are also called honeycomb shades, because they are constructed from several layers of pleated materials that build cells or honeycombs. You may get single cell, double and even triple cell window shades. You can find these shades in different fabrics and colours. The more cell layers they have, the better insulation and light blockage they give.

Insulated Roman Shades

These shades have a variety of styles, colours and textures. You can get either fabric roman shades or insulated bamboo shades with insulating liner, or foam backing added. They are not only energy-efficient window dressing, but also are a very elegant home decor that adds style to your room interior. Read more about these window treatments...

Insulated Roller Shades

Roller shades have a neat look, are easy to operate and are often used as solar shading. For these reasons, they were popular for many years as office window dressing. But today you can find them in many decorative fabrics and colours. There are also some decorative trims available, such as valances and edges. Insulated roller shades are also available on the market, which are simply standard shades with foam lining that do the job. These shades are an excellent choice for kids room because of their safety features: you can get them cordless or with continuous cord loop.

Tips for homeowners:

If you plan to order custom insulated window shades, measure your windows properly. Remember, that for efficient insulation you need to eliminate any gaps between shade and window frame or window sill that will let air come into the room.

About the author:
Rob Stone writes many articles on Home Improvement from Window Coverings to DIY Construction such as cheap conservatories and their prices available online.

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