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Laundry Room Cabinets – Things to Consider

Laundry Room Cabinets

Things to Consider

Rob Stone

Whatever the size of your family it is a fair bet that you spend a good deal of the week cleaning, washing, drying, and ironing clothes, all incorporating to ensure several hours of your week are spent in this necessary chore. Unless you have sufficient space for storage then it’s highly likely that many clothes will finish up on the floor. Having laundry room cabinets will give you the proper storage space for all your clothing.

Years ago, the laundry room was located in the basement of the house, but today it could be in the kitchen area or may form part of the utility room. The description of comfortable and cosy can usually be utilised for most rooms in the home but hardy for a laundry room. However, considering the time spent in it, why shouldn’t it be cosy and inviting as well as practical? You can make this room as pleasant as other rooms in your house. There is simply no argument, suitable storage facilities are a must for such room, and laundry room cabinets are the perfect answer for it.

The materials for laundry room cabinets range from laminates to veneers. You may find overhead cabinets, broom closets, floor cabinets, or even craft storage cabinets. Not all cabinets will be suitable for you, so decide on what purpose you need it for before shopping around. Your laundry room would work far better if you purchase customized cabinets for its own unique size and shape. It may be more expensive, but well worth it to have what will literally be fitted cabinets as opposed to one just placed in the room ad hoc. If you intend building your own cabinet then it is highly recommended that you draw a floor plan first and then design the cabinet to fit the plan. There should be enough room inside the cabinet for shelves and organizers. A single empty space is not so good for proper storage.

These cabinets offer several additional benefits to their obvious role in that they can be used to store bottles and boxes or can even serve as a decorative area. Remember to allow space for a counter in the room for folding clothes perhaps even using the top of the cabinet for this. You will also need space for hanging clothes plus perhaps a clothes line so take these facts into consideration when planning the size of your cabinets.

Finally, remember that laundry room cabinets need not always be used in the traditional ways. If enough laundry storage space is already available then consider the use of pre-made cabinets to either stand free or be wall mounted to utilise the remaining space effectively. They can be used to store any number of things from laundry supplies to cleaning items.

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