Living Room Arrangement

by Evan
(Oakland, MI, US)

Living Room from Loft

Living Room from Loft

Living Room from Loft
Living Room
Dining Room Through to Living Room
Living Room Beings to the Right.


I just purchased a home and am a bit uncertain how to best arrange the living room furniture. This will be the primary living space and the placement of the TV is important. The previous owners had the TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace. This makes the TV quite high and in my opinion a bit unpleasant looking. The first place that comes to mind to place the TV is the normal drywall wall. This however would create issues with the furniture placement in regards to the door-wall and fireplace. I am going to be purchasing all new furniture for this space so I am very flexible in regards to the arrangement. Please help.


Congratulation Evan, your new home is beautiful!
I think you are right in your concerns about TV placement. The position above fireplace is not only a bit odd, but it also makes TV watching uncomfortable and even unhealthy (it’s doctors opinion, not mine). The problem is, however, that the best possible place for it is the drywall wall, as you already mentioned. There is another option, though I’m not quite sure it’s possible: to place TV near the fireplace on a corner TV stand. If you have enough space there, I would consider this option because then you can be more flexible with furniture arrangement.

The sofa and chairs shouldn’t interfere with patio doors. To avoid this, I would get a regular sofa and place it in the spot where the love seat is now located and add a couple of coordinated chairs on the door-wall side. I would do without love seat if possible to save space and to avoid overwhelming look of the room. Another choice that you may consider is to obtain light colored curved sectional sofa instead of standard sofa set. You may get then a very interesting look in the room and will avoid the obstruction with patio doors if you place it instead of existing love seat, opposite to the fireplace.

If you go with the drywall wall option you can arrange it with a nice media center or get a compact TV stand and some accent tables or cabinets, whatever you like. Don’t forget also to decorate the space above fireplace with a suitable picture or another type of artwork, such as tapestry, wood or wrought iron – they will look gorgeous with brick fireplace.

Keep in mind also that the placement opposite to patio doors may cause the sun glare on your TV. To solve this problem you may install blackout window treatment that you like. If you don’t want to put blinds or shades there, you may consider heat and glare control window film that is also energy efficient.

Hope it helps you,

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