Living Room Decorating Ideas

by Retha Godbey
(Sugar Hill, GA)


What's the key to accessorizing with home decor?
I would like to decorate my living room like an interior designer, but not to be so matchy matchy. How can I do that?




Your question is very interesting and I’m sure many homeowners are facing the same problem. However, for each person the answer is different. And the reason for it is very simple: your interior style should express your personality, because it’s you, who lives in this home. Even if you hire a professional decorator, he or she would ask you about your needs and preferences before starting the project. If you want to decorate your interior by yourself, identify at first your needs, your favorite style, preferable colors, and items you would like to have in your living room. You may find more tips by visiting how to become an interior decorator for your own home.

If you don’t want to be matchy matchy, go for eclectic interior (mix and match style). You may choose items of different styles, textures and patterns, so they won’t match exactly, but I would recommend you to pick a number of colors that work well with each other and with your existing color scheme and stick with them while selecting your home decor. So:
  • Identify at first your needs: what are your main activities in the room? What pieces of furniture do you need for them?

  • Will there be any window treatment there? If yes, for what purposes – privacy, light blocking, or just additional room decor? Your needs will dictate your window treatment style.

  • Decide about focal point in the room. It can be a table with centerpiece, an area rug, window drapes, wall art, etc.

  • If your living room is spacious and you feel it’s too empty, divide it into smaller cozy areas by grouping your furniture, or get some more room divider ideas.

Great Books for
Home Decorating Inspiration:

For additional ideas browse books of professional designers. You don’t need to imitate their style, just pick ideas and thoughts that you like and feel they would be suitable for your interior and your personality.

Happy decorating!

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