Master Bedroom Partition Ideas

by Viki
(South Africa)


Hi there.
My husband and I have just bought a home of our own but we have a problem figuring out how to partition off our VERY open plan main bedroom and ensuite - see picture above - the issue is further complicated by the fact that the doorway is bordered by a pillar on one side. There is also a "window" between the bedroom and ensuite. Anyone have any ideas???


Hi Viki,
congratulations with your new home. You have a beautiful bedroom!
As to your question, I think you can solve the problem by hanging curtains that cover both the doorway and the “window”. You may do it from the bedroom or from the bathroom side as well. If you are concerned about moisture coming from the bathroom, you may look for curtains made of water repellent fabric or you can order custom drapes from such fabric. I recommend Sunbrella fabrics for their quality and durability. In addition, you can hang them on a curved curtain rod that has a curve on one side only and is installed with the curve toward the door. This way the entrance would get a sleek view and you could close it completely.Curved shower rod would fit fine for such purpose.
Another option: do the same from the bathroom side. In this case, you may use shower curtains.

Hope it helps,

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