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Palladian Window Treatments

Palladian window is a type of arched window that constructed from three parts – a central wide part with a rounded arch and two narrow windows on each side of the central one.

Palladian windows have a gorgeous look and provide an additional amount of light to the home. However many homeowners feel that they need to dress this window for keep their privacy or for control the light coming from outside, but they are not sure how to choose such treatment that will not hide the beauty of their palladian window. Actually, there are many variations of palladian window treatments and you can choose the one that you like and that matches your interior style and your budget.

Variations of Palladian Window Treatments

Some Ideas That Might Be Helpful:

Treat the arch separately.
If you need an additional privacy or you need to adjust the light coming through the arch – look for arched window blinds or shades. It’s not a problem for palladian window since its arch has a rounded shape and there is quite easy to find ready made blinds or shades for such shape on the market. You may consider also stained glass or frosted window film to cover the arch.

Economical, Easy and Attractive Idea
for an Arch Window Covering

Redi Arch Window Shade
Redi Arch White Window Shade
  • Pleated window shade, made of durable paper
  • Comes in two sizes: 36-by-72-Inch and 24-by-48-Inch
  • Can be trimmed to fit exact window’s width
  • Quick and easy installation (no hardware needed)

If you don’t mind to hide the arch under window covering, you can decorate it with a beautiful window scarf or valance. Just install a curved window rod above the arch for the valance, or some decorative window sconces or scarfholders for window scarf.
Then the rest of the palladian window you can treat as you like: install window blinds, shades or shutters or hang draperies or sheers on curtain rod, mounted under the arch. However, you may need to match this window dressing to arch covering.

But maybe you don’t like the appearance of the palladian window when the arch is covered by a dressing that differs from the entire window treatment and looks like the part not belonging to the window. Then consider dressing the whole palladian window in the same style. You may need to order custom window treatment in this case. It can be blinds, shades, shutters or draperies. When choosing the type of window treatment, determine at first your preferences. If you need privacy and light control - you most likely choose such types of blinds, shades or shutters that can block light completely and can be designed for arched windows, such as wood blinds and shutters, honeycomb or pleated shades.

Draperies as palladian window treatment may add an additional elegance to your interior, but it’s difficult to get a full light and privacy control with them. You can order custom made set of draperies with or without swags, hang sheers, or make creative window dressing by yourself. For example, you can install draperies only over narrow sides of the window and put the window scarf made of the same fabric above the central arch.

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