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Patio Door Curtains - The Better Choice?

Patio Door Curtains - The Better Choice?

By Johnathan Gerber

For some folks I will now be playing devil's advocate. I'm a fan of curtains and blinds, but for argument sake, let's assume I opt for curtains over blinds. Why would this be a good thing? I'll give you four reasons:

Character and Class

Although blinds does do a good job in adding that little bit extra to your room, curtains tend to give that 'X' factor. Considering the fact that curtains are available in all sorts of colors and designs, as a decorator you have a lot to play with to liven up your room. With just the slightest difference in style, door curtains can dramatically change the look of a room.

Flexibility and Installation

Talk about changing the character of your room. Let's face it, curtains are not expensive. As a home decorator, you can literally buy four different curtain sets and alternate between them at different times in the year. In other words, with little effort you have the flexibility to change your room instantly for different seasons. Heck, who needs a season for a reason - just change it!

And don't worry about changing your curtains being a big household chore. This can literally be done in 10 minutes flat. Testimony again of how great curtains are to work with.


Some decorators tend to focus their attention on the decorative attributes of any given window treatment as opposed to its other practical benefits such as insulation. There is of course a good case to be made for this, but let's assume for a second that insulation is a factor. Patio door curtains do a very good job in this respect, and it does an even better job if you opt for thicker materials.


If you're anything like most consumers, chances are you will be looking to save a bit of money along the way. The focus really as always should be on procuring quality accessories that will last you for years, but generally speaking, patio door curtains require less of an ongoing financial commitment as opposed to blinds. As mentioned above, this depends largely on the quality you purchase, so make sure to buy to the right things from the outset.

These are just four reasons why you as a homeowner would rather go for curtains than blinds. A lot of it depends on how much money you have to spend, what the general theme of the rest of your house is, as well as your personal preferences. Both have benefits, both have downsides, but when it's all said and done, patio door curtains (masterfully incorporated) can do wonders in achieving your decorating goals.

About the author: Johnathan Gerber resides in London, England. He regularly writes on issues relating to home decorating and provides consumers with valuable information on their decorating and DIY efforts. If you want more information on patio door curtains, or info in what to do with your on patio door curtain, please visit our website.

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