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Scarf Window Treatments

Scarf Window Treatments

Scarf window treatments have often been called the most versatile of valance and curtain applications because creativity is the only limiting factor. Standard methods of designing these fabric window treatments are available but using your imagination will help you develop your own unique designs.

The general concept of window scarf is not limited to valance treatments but includes the entire window. The idea is to give a lightweight look to the window and provide an outward view through it. The look of window scarf is relaxed and depending on its application can give an elegant appearance to the whole window. This look can be accomplished with a simple draping of the fabric in a swag pattern over the drapery rod and allowing the extra flow of material to hang on the sides of the window.

Scarf window treatments are very effective when using either sheers or opaque fabrics which are not sheer. Think of how a scarf is used to frame the face and hold hair in place. The same concept is flattering in the window treatment as well. The use of plaids, floral fabrics and stripes can brighten up a room while providing the outward view commonly associated with this style of window treatment. The use of sheer treatments behind the colored fabric window scarf will create an interesting combination of layered textures and light filtering techniques.

Lace materials are also very popular for use in scarf window treatments and the selections of ready-made lace panels and lace fabrics are various and may be attractively mixed or matched.

Some of the more common lace window scarf ideas include:

  • Lace panel curtains – May be easily hung from simple curtain rods and are readily mixed and matched for unique appearances.
  • Lace swags – Often hung at the top and at window meeting sash for a split look.
  • Lace valances – Commonly found in combination with lace panel curtains.
  • Lace tiers – Two or more horizontal displays of lace across the window is very inviting and attractive.
  • Lace window scarf curtains – Do not use drapery pockets and are usually comprised of a lace curtain panel hanging from a rod.

Unless accompanied by some type of privacy treatment, lace scarf window treatments are not going to provide privacy. Keep this in mind when deciding on the rooms in which you will use them.

Another room to consider the use of this type of treatment is as decorative shower or tub curtain in the bathroom. Lace is a beautiful complement to provide elegance and dress up an often forgotten room in the home. Lace doilies on the countertops upon which bathroom accessories are setting can provide a perfect finishing touch.

Designing Quick and Simple Scarf Window Treatments

Begin with a bare window and hang a decorative drapery rod at or near the top of the window. Apply a sheer rod at the inside top of the window opening. Take the shear fabric you have chosen as a valance and hang it from the sheer rod inside the window opening so that it hangs about 1/4 of the window height. Mount another inside sheer rod at the horizontal meeting place of the upper and lower window sash. Hang the same style fabric from the middle sheer rod so that it is barely above the window sill.

Next, take your colored fabric of choice and drape it from the curtain rod mounted above the window opening with a large smile shape evenly across the window. Drape the additional length from the fabric on each side creating a scarf effect that frames the window opening and the sheer fabric. You have now created a simple and quick window treatment.

Use this easy and simple technique and alter the fabric colors to achieve different looks. By placing the fabric in a double swag or folded fabric drape you again alter the appearance of the window treatment. Try using full panel lace sheers to get an entirely different appearance.

Check out these books for more window scarf ideas.

Scarf window treatments truly are one of the most stylish window treatments because they are simple, easy, and elegant.

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