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Striped Roman Shades

Striped Roman Shades

How to Choose them for Your Interior

Striped Roman Shades

discount roman shades

Discount Striped Roman Shades

You can find striped roman shades for discount prices or order custom made roman blinds, but will they suit your specific home decor? – Learn more about how to choose the right fabric for your window treatments and view some really nice examples of striped shades below.

Striped and plaid fabric shades look very attractive in many interiors, but they can also ruin the entire room appearance, if not chosen properly. So be careful when you select them, especially for the already existing interior.

When you purchase a new home with nothing or a very few items in it, you have plenty of space to express your taste and creativity in interior decorating. Decide about color scheme and ornamental theme in the room and then choose roman shades for the windows.

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In a new interior you can make them the main decorative element in the room. Maybe you've already fallen in love with some striped roman shades - great! Hang them over your windows and then pick the rest of décor that fits well your favorite window dressing. Or, you can start with selecting the style for the room and then look for striped Roman shades that go well with this style.

But if your interior already exists, you most likely would look for striped roman shades that match its certain style and complement the other motives in the room. With so many types of striped fabrics it shouldn’t be difficult to select the best ones for your room.

For your choice are:

  • Delicate, subtle stripes that go well with classic style and match elegant living/dining room or classic bedroom.
  • Silk or taffeta striped fabrics with sophisticated color schemes, which add a touch of Orient to the room interior.
  • Soft, pastel-colored stripes are ideal for baby’s rooms. It can be also a combination of stripes with floral or kids themed patterns.
  • Bright, colorful stripes with unusual blend of colors look perfect in contemporary interiors and also go well with ethnic motives in the room.

It’s only a few of them, of course. You can find many other variations on the market and make beautiful striped shades for your windows.

Also decide about the style for your striped roman shades. If you like the certain fabric and want to enjoy its striped pattern – flat or relaxed roman shades will be the best choice for you. They match almost every interior style and let you see the most of the fabric ornament. They are also good for fabrics with wide stripes or plaids.

Roman window shades with many folds like Balloon or London roman shades don’t allow you to see a beauty of fabric pattern. As for striped and plaid fabrics, they don’t look very attractive with many folders. If you still want such roman shades, look for soft fabric that drapes nicely, like silk or taffeta.

Many people wonder, if striped or plaid roman shades can go well with other ornamental elements in the room. Yes, they can. You may combine stripes with plaids, checks and even with floral motives. For successfully doing it, you should only know some small secrets. You need to pick your stripes in the same colors as the other ornament in the room. It shouldn’t match exactly all the colors, it could be only one or two from the same color scheme, but choose them as close to the existing ones as possible. For example, if you already have in the room eye-catching rug, slipcover, or bedspread with floral ornament, you can emphasize their beauty by hanging striped roman shades that gently reflect their color scheme.

If you are going to make your own roman shades you will have more chances to find matched fabric for your existing interior. Many companies produce sets of coordinated fabrics, where floral, toile or abstract ornament is accompanied by stripes, plaids and small-sized patterns in the same colors. So you can look for fabric with colors and patterns similar to ones you already have in your room and then pick its coordinated striped fabric for your roman shades. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can achieve interesting effects by mixing different ornaments and colors.

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