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Sunbrella Umbrellas

Get Quality Outdoor Shading Without Any Installation

You can shade your patio or deck with bamboo shades, outdoor curtains or canvas awnings. But you can also get one of these beautiful Sunbrella umbrellas and just put it where shading is needed - above patio table or chaise lounge, for instance. No need to deal with complicated installation, no need to care about washing and storing them when the season is over. Just clean it gently with water and mild detergent, dry in open air and then fold carefully – now your umbrella is ready for storing.
Storage tip: it’s important to let outdoor umbrella dry completely before store it.

Why Sunbrella Umbrellas?

It’s all about quality outdoor Sunbrella fabrics. They are breathable, come in many different colors and perfectly suit outdoor living, because they are water repellent and don’t fade in excessive sunlight.

Not Sure How to Choose the Right Umbrella?

  • Sunbrella umbrellas come in different sizes, so you need to select the right one. For doing this, find out what size is your patio table, or determine how large the space you want to shade is.
  • Look for an umbrella that complements your patio decor. For example, if your outdoor furniture made from wood, choose one with wooden frame that have a charming decorative look. Umbrellas with aluminum frames are more practical, open easily and go well with plastic or metal patio furniture.
  • Pay attention also to umbrella’s color. If you have outdoor chairs with cushions, look for umbrella made of the same or coordinated fabric. It’s a good idea to get Sunbrella umbrella along with Sunbrella cushions – then it’s easier to achieve a finished look of your patio décor.

Best Sunbrella Umbrellas

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Outdoor Umbrella Stands

There is wide variety of outdoor umbrella stands made of metal or plastic on the market. Determine which one you need. The quality stand should be stable and its hole should fit your umbrella’s pole. When choosing a stand for your outdoor umbrella, find out what its weight is - heavier umbrellas need heavier stands. If you plan to move your umbrella quite often, consider an option to get rolling stand with locking wheels.

Quality Umbrella Stands

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Outdoor Umbrella Lights -
Enjoy Summer Evenings on Your Patio

Add lighting to your outdoor umbrella and extend your outdoor living. They not only allow you to enjoy your patio at late hours, but also create an inviting atmosphere there. Umbrella lights come in different styles, which range from classic to modern and are operate by batteries or by so called “Power Pod” feature.

Popular Outdoor Umbrella Lights

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