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Choose From a Wealth of Sunroom Ideas

Choose From a Wealth of Sunroom Ideas

By Ling L. Tong

When you decide to add a sunroom to your home, you may be overwhelmed with the wealth of sunroom ideas available whether you search online or visit your local home improvement store.

Look at pictures of sunrooms in books and magazines to get ideas for your sunroom, both in the style of construction and in decorating. You have to know your reasons for adding a sunroom. Will it be for informal purposes, such as a place to put your feet up or have your morning coffee? Or, will it be a more formal place where you want to entertain guests? These decisions will influence the final result.

Once you have a general idea of how you will use this additional space, then you have to figure out how large you want it to be. You do have to look at the space available around your home and how you can incorporate the sunroom into the general plan of your home. It does have to complement the exterior design of the home in order for it to look good.

Look at the many different styles of sunroom kits available. These kits are do it yourself projects and include all the materials and directions for building this additional living space onto your home. The main idea is to have lots of windows so that the light shines through so that the sunroom is both an extension of the home and the garden. Light colors are best for this area so that you promote a relaxed ambiance. Blue, white, yellow, beige and green are natural and positive colors for a sunroom that will make the area seem larger than it is and reflect the light that shines through.

If you want to feel close to nature, even though you may be overlooking your garden, you should have lost of plants in the sunroom. The use of decorative pots and planters placed in corners will really add to the feeling you try to create. It helps to bring the outdoors into your living space. Wicker and bamboo furniture will also give the room a tropical feeling.

Solar panels installed in a sunroom will not only provide you with light, but they will also heat the sunroom making it a room you can enjoy all year long without incurring any extra expense on your electricity bills. Adding a small refrigerator and bar makes it the perfect place for entertaining guests and you won't have to keep trekking back to the kitchen for more refreshments.

Ideas for sunrooms are virtually unlimited once you start looking online. You can choose elements of different sunrooms that you see in pictures and incorporate them into one design that will be unique to you. Experiment with light and dark contrasting colors or use wood in segments of the room to create a visual effect. Blinds or draperies to the window make this room one you can enjoy in privacy after the sun goes down. Color coordinates the cushions on the furniture with the rest of the house or with the outdoor scene.

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