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Sunroom Window Treatments

Exploring the Choices for Sunroom Window Treatments

By Paul Lyte

Homeowners that think they don't need sunroom window treatments often discover the folly of their ways after enduring the very first hot summer day in one of these enclosures.

Making sure the right window coverings are in place can be vital for controlling climate, allowing privacy and simply making a patio look more aesthetically pleasing.

So, what are some of the options homeowners will find to help them block out solar rays when sunrooms become a little unbearable? Here are some of the most common selections:

  • Blinds
    - Bamboo and other blinds can be very smart choices for sunroom use. This type of window treatment can help cut out the glare in a sunroom while also blocking some of the sun's heat. In addition, blinds can add a little bit of privacy to the setting. The best part is that blinds can quickly be pulled up to provide a full view when it is desired.
  • Custom drapes
    - When windows within a sunroom are unusual in shape and size or a very distinct look is desired, this can be the best path to choose. While custom window treatments can be costly, they can complete the look of a sunroom while providing the right weight to block light and some heat from entering.
  • Ready-made drapes or sheers
    - When windows are more standard in size and shape, basic, off-the-rack options are also available. These can both work very well. Drapes, especially thicker ones, will provide more environmental protection. Sheers, however, can be excellent choices for simply cutting down on glare.

Sunroom window treatments can be important considerations for helping an enclosed patio enjoy a more hospitable environment. The best choice to make will depend on the need, the size of the windows and sometimes even budget. Any time stock items are usable, they will cost homeowners less. Custom designs, however, can add to a room's distinct appearance.

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Article Source: Exploring the Choices for Sunroom Window Treatments

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