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Swag Window Treatments

Swag Window Treatments

Swag window treatments are a very popular type of top fabric window treatments. They can be described as a sort of window valances that have semi-circular shaped folds. Swags are usually made of soft, easily draped fabrics and are often going with combination of cascades, jabots and other top decorative window dressing elements. They are often trimmed with tassels, beads or ruffled ribbons.

Using fabric swags is one of the most common methods to soften and enhance the look of a hard window covering such as mini blinds, window shades, or even interior wooden shutters. Swags can complement your existing window dressing by providing lots of textured appearance to the top of the window. It allows for uniqueness as well since there are no hard rules on how many swages, twists, or drapes are used to decorate. Look for swags that match existing decor in some way so that your windows will be incorporated into the entire room decorating scheme.

Get Custom Look with Croscill Swags

Croscill window swag
Croscill Home Amethyst Waterfall Swag
48-Inch by 33-Inch, Purple

Croscill home decor products are well known for their high quality and elegant traditional appearance. If you are looking for beautiful swags to add to your windows check out Croscill swags and valances. You will find custom looking window dressing for reasonable prices that will add a touch of class to your interior. More of that, you may also get coordinated bedding, drapes and home decor accessories that will complement your gorgeous swags and give the complete look to the room. Tip: measure your window before searching for swags, then determine how many of them you will need (see the swag’s size in product description).

… Or, Make Your Own

If you enjoy sewing and would like to get a unique window treatment, make your own window swags. You can add them to your existing ready-made curtains or use them as only decorative window dressing. Browse window treatment books, you will find there a lot of ideas for such project. For exact sewing patterns and instructions view these window treatment patterns that will help you to make an amazing window dressing for half price.

How to Make Swags

Below are some easy ways to design different types of swags.
The typical method of designing swag window treatments starts with a decorative rod. Take the fabric of choice and drape the cloth over the rod creating a semi-circle in the middle of the rod. Allow the remaining fabric to hang on each side of this semi-circle or "smile". Take the smile shape and push it to one side or the other of the window to create an off center look. You can also make a double swag or triple swag if the window is wide enough. Several styles of swags may be created with a little thought. Tip: choose fabric that drapes without difficulty and that is solid or have small patterns.

Continuous Panel Swag

One popular method of making swags is to use drapery rings. The rings should be equal sizes and slip onto the drapery rod. The fabric is then slipped through the rings with equal lengths of swag to create traditional-style continuous-panel swag. For making a truly unique appearance to your window treatment, try using different sized rings and vary the space between them as you pull the fabric through creating multiple swags.

Waterfall Swag

An elegant method to dress up a window is to create a waterfall swag treatment. Start with a drapery pole and several rings. Space them equidistant apart and pull the fabric through all the rings. At the ends swag the fabric only a few inches between the first and second rings. Between middle rings drape the fabric a little lower than the first and the last swags. Continue this for the width of the window to create an elegant swags treatment that can also be dramatic.

Casual Swag

Creating casual swag window treatments can be accomplished using only the curtain rod or in combination with rings. Take two or more fabrics draped or twisted together and hang them in random swags to create an interesting look. Another way to vary this style is to hang one fabric with multiple swags and layer another fabric forming alternate swags so that their colors contrast with each other.

Other Swag Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Swags

Swag window treatments are not just for windows. Many will take their shower curtain rod with vinyl shower curtains, and drape there a complementary fabric with tie backs to create a formal and elegant appearance in a bathroom. Use the simple single swag or try twisting the fabric into a pleated and folded appearance to create the desired look in your bathroom.

Swag Wall Decor

Use of swag can be dramatic and effective as a decorative tool when framing areas in a home. Consider decorate the headboard of the bed in your master bedroom with a beautiful swaging fabric treatment. This technique can be a great alternative to completely treating a wall with fabric. If your wall already has a fabric treatment, the elegance of the swag window treatment can add depth to the room and provide a central focus for artwork or portraits.

Think about other areas in your home where you are having difficulty in deciding on the best decor. Using the ideas for swag window treatments might be the perfect solution for your dilemma.

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