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Traverse curtain rods – make it easy to dress your windows!

When you look for curtains or drapes for your windows, it’s not enough to decide on the type of fabric and the curtain style - you need to choose the right drapery hardware also. And this decision can be sometimes as challenging as a right window treatment selection.

If you have standard window with enough space above it, you may choose whatever you want or whatever your budget allows. But there are many situations in window dressing when you find yourself stuck with a problem. What if you need to dress several windows as one, or to put curtains to your wide sliding doors? What if there is not space between window and ceiling?

Traverse curtain rods can be a good answer to these problems. They have built-in draw cord, traverse slides with holes for hanging draperies and a pulley system that allows moving them. Draperies are hanged by pins that attached to their back. These pins are inserted into traverse slides holes.

Now decide if you need them.

Traverse curtain rods can be a really excellent choice for your windows if…

  • You have two story windows
    If you would like to install drapes for such windows you will need sturdy curtain rods for large amount of fabric, such as medium or heavy duty traverse curtain rods. You may consider also remote control operating system for such drapes.

  • You need curtains for bay or bow windows
    You can find today curved (or bendable) and flexible traverse curtain rods which can mach many types of curved windows. Another advantage – you have an option to match your window’s specific size if it is non-standard. You can cut and bend them by yourself or ask a professional to do it.

  • There is not enough space between your window and ceiling
    Then you may choose ceiling mount traverse curtain rod and even double track for hiding this rod under decorative valance. Such window treatment can look very impressive and you not only solve the problem of your windows, but also can visibly increase the height of the room.

  • Your drapes are very heavy
    In this case you can get medium or heavy duty curtain rods. Another option is to choose ceiling mount traverse curtain rods – this type of mounting is sturdier than wall mounting.

  • You have sliding glass doors, wide window or several windows that need to be dressed as one.
    Again, you can obtain flexible traverse rods that match even very wide windows and are also sturdy enough for heavy weighted curtains.

When you consider using traverse rods for your window dressing, keep in mind that they are usually mounted to the wall or ceiling by several cartridges. It can limit the possibility to move your curtain – they can be moved only within these cartridges.

Good news for homeowners: along with standard made of metal traverse curtain rods you can find today many decorative ones. It means that you don’t need to hide the boring metal track under curtains or valances. You can even choose from several styles and get traverse curtain rod that best match your interior.


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