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Tuscan Window Treatments

Tuscan Window Treatments

European style decor is typically where you are likely to find Tuscan window treatments. The term Tuscan refers to a region in Italy known as Tuscany and the name alone gives the ambiance of living in the old times. The look is wildly elegant and brings a delicious style to many modern homes.

Just the name "Tuscany" sounds as if it would be outlandishly expensive. The reality is that decorating with this style of window treatment can actually be very cost efficient. It is also a peculiarity that the Tuscan style reflects the way of the country life in Italy or the life of farmers and local workers, which was a simple and conservative lifestyle.

Plain Tuscan-Style Window Treatment

One simple method of decorating Tuscany style is to strip the window of all hardware and decorations. Mount a roller shade of plain cotton fabric or other simple and undecorated cloth. You might also hang plain cotton or linen fabric curtains.

Now take some light colored, earth colored, or terracotta vases and urns and place them on the window sill. Add some similar colored vases to the walls around the window and you will have created a traditional Tuscan look! The costs are minimal but you have a perceived high cost look to your Tuscan-style window treatments.

If you are looking for a little more flair to your window treatment, try adding some simple embroidery with flowery themes to the shade cloth or curtains. The addition of lace and crochet can really provide a soft, delicate flair and is perfectly Tuscan to do so.

Elegant Tuscan Window Treatment

As was mentioned above, country Tuscan style is very simple if not rustic and plain cotton curtains will work nice with such decor. But what if you have for example, stylish living room with elegant Tuscan furniture? You may want to get then more sophisticated window treatment that still reflects this Mediterranean style. There are many variations of different window treatments that will help you to achieve such look. They look stylish, but of course, they are more costly that plain cotton curtains. Here are a few of them:

  • Mount decorative wooden or wrought iron drapery rod and hang embroidery sheer curtains or long linen drapes, solid or patterned. You can put coordinated decorative tiebacks to create more interest to your window treatment. Click here to view a wonderful assortment of solid and embroidery sheer curtains for attractive prices that will add an elegant touch of Tuscany to home.
  • Install flat roman shades with or without coordinated drapes. Select shades that reflect Tuscan style: white, natural, earth tones, terracotta. Of course, you should choose tones that also match your room’s color scheme.
  • Wooden blinds and shutters will also work perfectly with elegant Tuscan interiors. You may add custom fabric valances for more elegant look. Look at this selection of affordable wooden blinds that will add style and value to your home.

Exterior Treatments

Just as important as the interior treatments are the exterior Tuscan window treatments. Exterior treatments include the following:

  • Exterior wood shutters – Exterior appearances are typically very colorful with reds, greens, and rich brown colors.
  • Exterior awnings from as simple as a cloth hanging over the door to as sophisticated as an operable projected fabric cover.
  • Flower pots and flower boxes are very commonly made of wrought iron supports with terracotta and clay colored pots full of colorful and climbing flowers.
  • Colored banding is often found surrounding the perimeter of windows in the old Tuscan villages.

All of these Tuscan window treatment features are transferable to most of our modern home building styles today.

Modern Day Tuscan Window Treatments

Much of what has been discussed describes the old Tuscan style. But, there is a new and exciting Tuscan style. If you were to visit Tuscany today you would find an entirely modern approach that utilizing bolder colors and even a whimsical style of decor.

Italians are ever the fun loving group with no fear when it comes to using bold color and comical ideas. It would not be uncommon to find an African textile covered "Binta" chair as part of the everyday furniture. They love to break the rules and are as likely to decorate with checked and polka dot fabric for window coverings as their ancestors were to using traditional earthen colors for their traditional window covering.

Modern Tuscan window treatments do trend toward the motorized sun and wind sensor automated and timed window coverings. The migration of their style into the United States has opened up a world of possibilities as many combine the old style utilizing wrought iron, terracotta, soft earth colored fabrics and stucco with modern building techniques and electronic automation. All the while, simplicity is still in vogue, even in modern architecture.

The exterior wooden shutters of yesteryear have given way to modern rolling shutters made of aluminum and PVC. Cotton fabrics from the old days have now become long lasting waterproof acrylic blends with all the colors of the rainbow.

Still, the charm and nostalgic feel of the old Tuscan window treatments remain engrained in our desires to relive the past.

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