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Vertical Blinds — The Look Of Stylish Drapery With Complete Light Control

When you consider window treatment for your living/dining room or patio doors, vertical blinds may be an excellent choice. They provide a very elegant look for any room, especially one with large windows.

Vertical Blinds

They also fit perfectly for sliding doors. Vertical blinds visually increase the height of a window, so it can be a great solution for wide and not-too-high windows, especially when the ceiling is quite low.

Vertical blinds are constructed of vertical vanes and a headrail, which keeps vanes together and allows moving and rotating them. You can choose from three draw-control options for vertical vanes: they can be moved to the left, right, or from the center of the window. They usually come with a matching color valance.

A headrail system is an important part of vertical blinds. It should be heavy duty to effectively function for many years without trouble. So check it carefully when shopping for your verticals. Look for a headrail that is made of anodized aluminum, steel, or other sturdy metal. Some manufacturers make soft-lubricant headrails for easier operation. Also find out what warranty you will get for your blinds, especially for the headrail system.

Vertical blinds are durable, quite inexpensive, and provide a high level of privacy and light control. They are more practical than Venetian window blinds, because vertical vanes don’t collect dust as quickly as horizontal slates. You can easily clean them or replace the broken vanes if needed.

The most popular materials for vertical blinds are fabric and vinyl,but you can also find aluminum verticals, and there is a wide selection of wooden vertical blinds and faux wood verticals.

Sizes of Vertical Blinds

3 ½” is the most popular size, but sometimes narrower vanes (2”) are also available.

Popular Brands of Vertical Blinds

Hunter Douglas

Measuring for Vertical Blinds

Before measuring for blinds, you should decide if it will be inside or outside mount. To make the decision you need to compare the depth of your window frame with the width of the vertical vanes you chose. If your window framing is deep enough, you will likely want an inside mount installation. For an outside mount you need enough open space near your window to easily open and rotate your blinds. The measuring is different for the outside mount, because your blinds then need to be wider and probably higher.

Some people consider vertical blinds outdated, but if they are chosen properly, perfectly meet your needs and fit your interior, they can add feeling of beauty and luxury to the entire room.


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Elegant fabric, practical vinyl or modern look of aluminum — which vertical blinds do you prefer?
Fabric, vinyl, aluminum... Different types of vertical blinds have different advantages.

Wood Vertical Blinds
Though the most popular verticals for homes and offices are fabric and vinyl blinds, there are many people who like wooden verticals. They choose them for their attractive warm look and for the many other advantages that real wood has.

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds – Practical Choice With Natural Look
If you want natural wood looking blinds for your windows, but your budget is limited — look for faux wood vertical blinds.

Wood Blinds
Like other wood items at home, wood window blinds add richness and a feeling of comfort. Well-matched to your wooden floor or furniture, they supplement the room’s interior and make your home more attractive.


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