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Fun Ways to Raise Money
for Home Improvement Project

Silver and Gold Exchange

Though there are many ways to raise money, fundraising never was easy. And since you need to raise money for your personal purposes, it can seem like an impossible mission, especially in today’s economic disaster. It’s obvious that people will more willingly donate money to charity, than to your kitchen renovation. But don’t give up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. You just need to find creative ways to raise money for your project and maybe to try methods you never used before.

But at first make a plan for your project. Identify your needs. Then create budget – it’s always a good idea to know what sum you will need to raise. If your project seems to be big and expensive one, try to divide it into small sub-projects. Then write them down in priority order. Now you can start “fundraising” for the first project in your list.

After a little brainstorming you will find more than a few creative ways to raise money. Some of them may seem funny or crazy. Don’t throw them away - you never know what will work the best! Write them down and choose ones that are suitable for you. These ways can be time consuming, so be patient and enjoy the process.

Some Fun Ways To Raise Money For Your Project

  • Sell gold jewelry or other gold items
    Look around your home. Do you have gold and silver items that you don’t like or don’t want to use anymore? – Then why not to sell them and to buy something more useful instead?
    The only question is: Where to sell gold? Many gold dealers will buy your gold items. The problem is that most of them buy only gold. And what about silver? If you plan to sell silver items as well, consider Silver and Gold Exchange. This company has several advantages for you: you can sell almost anything made of gold and silver, you can view a live chart that shows you the exact gold and silver price per gram, not for Pennyweight (DWT) or for Troy Ounces. You can also rent there digital scale for free, and know the exact weight of your unwanted gold or silver. Interested in such form of “money raising”? - Click here for more details.

  • Use your hobby or your creative skills and earn extra money
    Earn money online - tough it sounds like spam you receive every day in your email box, there are still various legitimate ways to earn money in Internet and even get fun! Do you consider yourself a creative person? – Then create your own products and sell them on Cafepress or on Etsy. Or get your own website and make money from your hobby or your passion. These ways are only a few among real Internet income possibilities. The difference between them and “make money online” scams is that these ways don’t promise you ten thousand dollar in five days. They are not rich jerk schemes. They need your time and effort, but after working for a while (and also enjoying your work!) you can get a very nice stream of passive income.

  • Gift credit cards
    Each time you expect a gift from your relatives and friends whether for holiday or for family event, ask them to give you money or gift credit cards. As a result you will get an additional sum for your project instead of another item in your home that you probably don’t like and don’t need.

  • Turn coins into cash
    Empty your pockets and place all these heavy pennies, dimes and quarters into piggy bank or jar. Look for hidden change throughout your home, check your clothes, your workplace, your car. Do it from time to time. When your jar is full, turn it into cash using Coinstar machine. You can also do it online and exchange your coins for gift cards, prepaid credit cards and much more – just check Coinstar.

  • Get rid from your old stuff and earn money
    Again, look throughout your home (especially in your closets). You will definitely find a number of items that you haven’t used for ages. Organize garage sale or yard sale and sell them. Not only you will get rid of useless home stuff, but also will make room for a new home décor. For better result advertise your garage sale online – there are many sites that you can post your garage sale ad for free.

  • Garage sale online alternatives
    If you don’t have time or space for garage sale but still like the idea of making some money from your old stuff while cleaning your closets – go online and sell your items on or on Craiglist. There are additional advantages of such selling: you will reach more potential buyers and unlike garage sale, your listing will be active for more than one day.

  • Turn used items into cash
    Collect used cell phones, ink jet cartridges and mp3 players. Ask your relatives and friends to collect them for you. Then send all these items to Phoneraiser and receive your check. If you register with them, they will send you prepaid FedEx labels for shipping. They also accept used digital cameras and system consoles. See their price list for additional information.

Other ways to raise money for your home improvement project

Actually the above methods can work for any purposes, but next two ones are good for home improvement projects, especially when you out of money but are able to pay later.
  • HELOC – work well for a project that can be cut into several small ones. Then each time you get a credit for one small sub-project, return it and then get another one for the next project in your list.

  • Home equity loan – good for big expensive project when you need a significant sum at once and are sure that you will be able to pay your debt on time.

Find out also how to save money for your project. Open special saving account for it and put all saved money there. If you use personal finance software, such as Quicken you can create “a saving goal” in this program for your project.

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