Window Blinds with Curtains

by Fiona



We have a new house and had been looking for curtains for the windows. We found the ones we really liked, but they are not too heavy and are a little transparent (they are not exactly sheer curtains, but are transparent).

So, for the sake of privacy we are also thinking of putting up horizontal window blinds. To match the color of our furniture we are thinking of buying dark brown ones. The blinds would enable us to get privacy and also let us keep the curtains we liked so much.
The problem is would a dark brown color look good for blinds or would it make he room look too dull? Would the combination of the blinds with thin curtains look good? We have a lot of sunshine in summers and winters are not too harsh. I am just apprehensive about the combination, because we have not yet experimented with it.



your concern is right, dark horizontal blinds will absorb A LOT of light coming through the windows, even with their slats open. With dark furniture and dark blinds your room would look really dull. In addition, your transparent curtains won’t look very beautiful through such blinds, because their color will mix with dark brown. I suggest you to look for white or cream window blinds or shades. They will give you privacy as well, and won’t "eat" light and curtains color. They also can create an interesting contrast with your dark furniture and your curtains. Besides, white fits any interior and work well with every other color, so you don’t need to worry about matching your dark furniture.

Good luck,

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