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Window Covering Ideas – There Are so Many Options

Window Covering Ideas

There Are so Many Options

Rob Stone

When it comes to interior design, there are always certain areas, which give you the ideal opportunity to express your artistic and creative side. Windows in your home is just that opportunity. There are so many different window covering ideas with curtains, blinds and shades along with an endless number of colours and all that around a number of different shapes and sizes of windows. You just need to find the idea that fits your particular windows the best.

Now one of the important things to remember with window covering ideas is not to just think about the type of window you are cover but also in what room that window appears. The room will help determine what creative solution you will come up with. Of course, you should remember that it is not all about the look. There is also a functionality that needs to be addressed. This is particularly important in the bedroom. The number one reason for the bedroom is to get sleep and this is done much more effectively if you dress your bedroom windows with blackout curtains or shades. They not only would make the room more attractive, but also would be a great solution for comfortable sleeping.

While curtains are often recommended in the bedroom, you may find other window covering ideas for other areas of the home. Window blinds has become as popular as curtains in recent years. They add something special to the room that curtains simply can’t. When it comes to blinds your options are vast with both vertical and horizontal ones. There are blinds made of wood, vinyl and other materials and blinds that come in a number of different colours. They all add a look that can really bring a room alive.

The living room is one area where vertical blinds are popular. These hang down often from floor to ceiling windows but can hang down from conventional windows too. Like all blinds, they can be adjusted to let light in while keeping the full force of the sun out. The ability to adjust the blinds is especially good, because the sun moves during the day. This is the number one advantage of blinds over curtains, which could be only opened or closed.

In recent years with the increasing number of conservatories and loft conversions this blinds feature became almost essential in some homes. Loft extension windows and conservatory windows have blinds that allow you to adjust the amount of light coming in and even retract them completely to let more air in even at an angle.

So even within one home some rooms will be better off with curtains while other rooms will be better off with blinds. It is simply down to the needs of the room in question and personal taste. Once you have decided on which one of window covering ideas to choose there is then the small detail of working out which design and colour you want. This will really be down to the design in each particular room. While it will take a time to get your windows the appearance that fit the entire room decor, it is good fun to do and something that will help releases your creative side. This leaves you with a great feeling of satisfaction.

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Rob Stone writes many articles on Decorating, Home Improvement and DIY Construction such as the Lean To Conservatory Prices available online.

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