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Window Dressing Ideas

Window Dressing Ideas

Rob Stone

To most men, me included, the only reason for a window was to look out of and the idea of curtains was something to draw at night to help keep the heat in, especially in the winter, and to stop the nosiness of passers-by. What else was there? Well, quite a lot actually. There is a range of window dressing ideas out there, but I have to admit it took a woman to show me the art of window fashion.

When you approach the idea of window dressing your first consideration should be the type of window in question. Are you covering a French window, a large bay window, or perhaps an ordinary window that so many of us have in our humble dwellings? Literally, any window can be turned into a stylish one, whether it is a mere kitchen window or a large one at the front of the house. The correct treatment can add an ambience to any room. Depending on the size of the window you can use valances, drapes on curtain rods or a combination of all of them. The latter will undoubtedly give a very pleasing look to the whole interior.

Let us consider valances. There is a plethora of window dressing ideas available with the use of them. Valances are well known for their decorative value that they add to any window. Their presence enhances and finishes off completely the entire look of the drapery and sheers. Alternatively, you can use valances on their own, if you simply wish to add an ornate touch to your window. If it is your decision to go ahead with valances then purchase those that are well suited to the ambience of your home.

You may choose from many window valances styles and materials. Along with popular rod pocket valances, there are also grommet, Ascot valances, pennant valances, and so on. Plus, there is an assortment of different fabrics they could be made of.

Drapes compliment the look of the room and can bring a touch of style and class to any interior. They are basically long curtains and can literally be made of any material you care to mention. You can have light, see through sheers, or heavy drapes, and in any colour, you can think of. The market is therefore open to your choice but obviously, your final decision should be governed by the room in which the drapes will hang. See through material is not suitable for the front of the house, for example. If possible, buy drapes that will require very little maintenance, preferably that are washable.

Curtain rods happen to be just as important as the fabric they will hold. Along with standard plain rods, they are available in many decorative styles, materials and colours, sometimes with matching accessories, like decorative knobs or medallions. You can match them to any furniture and decor you have in the respective rooms.

To summarise, the best thing about all this is that there is no single way dress your windows right. It is you, who decides how your home will look like and who select a treatment that is appropriate for it. After a while, if you want to change things round then simply do so. With so many window dressing ideas around, very little effort will be required to give your window a new appearance!

About the author:
Rob Stone writes many articles from Home Improvement to Construction such as Conservatories and their Prices available online.

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