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Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Window Treatments
for Sliding Doors

By Rob Stone

Let us look at a few window treatments for sliding doors that I found during my investigation into the matter. These can provide the home with additional privacy while simultaneously boosting the design scheme of your home interior.

Sliding doors are fairly common in homes these days but personally, I had never come across them in years of living in a number of different houses. Until now that is. My current new home has several sliding doors and it seemed pertinent to do a little investigation as to their advantages and disadvantages.

The use of sliding doors is without doubt an excellent way to allow the sunlight to enter the house while at the same time you can enjoy the lovely outdoor view. However, they must be decorated with proper window treatments, otherwise they can become less than glamorous, in fact quite an eyesore. Happily, for all concerned there is now a variety of window treatments for sliding doors available on the market. Dressing up your sliding doors appears to be a fairly simple task today.

The most obvious window treatments are curtains and shutters. Curtains can easily provide a good covering for glass sliding doors and at the same time can offer a degree of insulation. They can also filter the sunlight passing through the glass doors. As anyone knows, curtains are available in any number of styles, colours and designs.

Custom made shutters can be at any size with some as tall as the doors themselves. Interior shutters offer elegance and style when used with glass sliding doors, but the downside is they are much more expensive than window blinds. Shutters are usually made of wood but can be constructed of other kinds of materials.

Following hot on the heels of curtains and shutters are cellular shades, which can be the usual horizontal or, in some cases can be vertical offerings. They are mostly made from cloth paper and are really classy window treatments for glass sliding doors. One major negative downside is that they can be very fragile.

More creative window treatments for sliding glass doors include horizontal double blinds, vertical blinds, drapes (which are similar to curtains), standard horizontal blinds and even bamboo shades. Very briefly, so you won’t get bored with my diatribe: horizontal double blinds are ideal if you want the shade raised on one part of the door but not on the other. Vertical blinds are excellent for patio sliding doors with heavy traffic and standard horizontal blinds are superb for glass sliding doors on a study or office. The latter can be easily rolled up to unveil an undisturbed view of the outside. Bamboo should only really be used if you are seeking an island flavour, which I readily admit I am not.

As a summary - these mentioned above window treatments for glass sliding doors are all ideal, but the type you finally decide upon should be determined by the amount of traffic that the doors encounter on a daily basis. You should also consider how much light you actually want to come into the house.

About the author:
Rob Stone writes many articles on Home Improvement from Interior Design to Construction such as the PVC Conservatory Prices available online.

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