Windows in Tokyo Home Overlooking a Japanese Garden

by Alma

Traditional Tokyo Home with Japanese Rock Garden

Traditional Tokyo Home with Japanese Rock Garden

Traditional Tokyo Home with Japanese Rock Garden
Modern Tokyo Windows Overlooking a Japanese Garden

(c) OiMax at Flickr

These photos of Tokyo windows through which you can see Japanese rock gardens tell a lot about Tokyo Japan.
As you can see - Tokyo is a very modern city. Skyscrapers dominate Tokyo skyline all around. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering that large portions of the city have been demolished and rebuilt during the 20th Century.

The Tokyo that many people expect to see ("The Last Samurai" movie, anyone?) was probably leveled in one of the many earthquakes or bombed during the war or just burnt down in one of the huge fires and rebuilt in the name of progress.

So Tokyo is mostly Western these days, but on the other hand it is uniquely Japanese. If you look hard enough, you will find amazing traditional elements of ancient Japanese culture that you traveled half way around the world to experience.
Like this Japanese Rock Garden right beneath the concrete monster buildings. Imagine Japanese garden lanterns, a Garden Tea - house and maple trees in Autumn colors. The Japanese rock garden is considered a reflection of nature, so you will never see a Japanese flower garden. The elements used are rocks, water, sand and trees.
The blend of old and new is very unique in Japan culture. This all merges together somehow to make the time in Tokyo like no other place in the world.

Tokyo attractions are a gem. It is worth every effort to discover the secret things to do in Tokyo.

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