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Wood Mini Blinds — Mini Variation of Charming Window Treatment

Wood mini blinds are comfortable, stylish, and provide a warm pleasant look to every interior.

Why they are mini?

This type of window blinds is simply a variation of standard wood Venetian blinds, but their slats are narrower: usually 1”. Some companies have started to produce 1-3/8” wood blinds, which have contemporary look and still considered to be mini blinds.

wood mini blinds

Stylish look and excellent features

Like other wooden blinds, wood mini blinds match almost every interior style and room décor. They look great in a luxury house and in a plain apartment, in a stylish restaurant and in a medical office.
These blinds have all features of real wood: they are great insulators, provide good light blockage, UV protection and sound absorption. You can pick painted or stained wood mini blinds that come in many beautiful colors of natural wood.


Wood Blinds — Mini or standard: what slat size to choose?

Haven’t decided yet? Here are some tips:

  • Don’t choose mini blinds if you want to save your money: wooden mini blinds can cost even more than standard wood blinds.

  • Narrow slats of mini blinds will give you an opportunity to adjust better the desired level of privacy and light, which comes through the window.

  • Choose mini blinds for French doors, small windows, or windows that don’t have enough depth for normal (2” slats and wider) blinds.

  • If your window view is not very attractive — choose wood mini blinds. When you open these blinds, their horizontal slats will divide the landscape into narrow stripes, and the view will look more pleasant. But if you have a beautiful sight behind your window and you would like to enjoy it often, shop for standard wood blinds with wider slats, which give you more view when they are completely opened.


Brands of wood mini blinds

  • Hunter Douglas
  • Bali
  • Graber
  • Levolor
  • Kirsch
  • Nanik

These well-known window treatment manufacturers produce wooden blinds with various slat sizes, including 1” wood window blinds. if you go to these companies, you can select from wide variety of shapes and colors. They also offer additional options for their wooden mini blinds, such as cordless system, motorization options, cut-outs for non-standard profiles of your windows. You can try to find discount wood mini blinds at your local window blinds store or online.

Measure for your wood blinds properly!

Today more and more people that shop for window blinds plan to do the whole job by themselves — they measure for their blinds, order and install them without a help of professionals. If you plan to do the whole job by yourself, but never did it before — gain some information before doing it. Proper measuring for your blinds is very important, because your mistake can be very expensive, especially when you shop for costly wood window blinds.


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If you need quick, economical, yet aesthetic window treatment for your house, or apartment, — shop for mini blinds, — you will get a practical solution, and your interior will become more attractive.

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Wood Blinds
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