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Wood Vertical Blinds

Though the most popular verticals for homes and offices are fabric and vinyl blinds, there are many people who like wooden verticals. They choose them for their attractive warm look and for the many other advantages that real wood has.

Wooden blinds combine many vertical blinds’ rewards in addition to the quality of natural wood. They provide complete light control and sound absorption, have excellent insulation, and, like other verticals, don’t collect much dust. So you can clean them easily with a soft cloth and treat them occasionally with oil soap, like other wood items in your home.

Wooden blinds are lightweight and at the same time are very durable. Because of their light weight, they can be a good choice for large windows, but unlike fabric or vinyl verticals, wood blinds don’t give you a feeling of drapery. I think they look best on wide, not very high windows, or as dividers between large interior spaces. In this case they look like quality made wooden doors.

Wood vertical blinds can be very noisy in windy weather; they tend to warp and scratch easily and aren’t soil resistant. These things make them impractical for high humidity areas, like bathrooms and kitchens and for homes with small kids and pets. If you like the feeling of natural wood in your bathroom or kitchen interior, consider faux wood vertical blinds, which are much more useful in these rooms.

Wooden blinds are made of different types of wood. Learn more about them here. Their colors may vary from white and light wooden shades to cherry and mahogany. You can even find black wood blinds if you want. As for me, the beauty of wooden blinds is their natural wood shades and textures. When they are colored, they somehow lose this beauty. But that’s only my opinion, and if white or black wood fits your interior best, don’t hesitate to shop for them. That’s not so easy, because there aren’t many manufacturers that produce wood verticals. But if you shop around, you can find some really eye-catching and quality wooden verticals.

Measure for your blinds properly, or find a professional who can do this work for you. Be careful: a mistake in the measuring can cost you a lot of money!

Where to shop for wood vertical blinds

Hunter Douglas produces an excellent line of wooden verticals, named Crosswinds Wood Vertical Blinds. They are made from Basswood and are available in ten colors, from white to red mahogany.

You can also find wood verticals online at:


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