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Become Your Own Home Interior Decorator

Who said that you can’t do it? - Sure, you can!

How do you create your home interior? Normally, there are about three options of how you can do it: painting brush

  • Option #1: You buy new items without thinking a lot about how they will fit the other room décor.
  • Option #2: You hire a professional home interior decorator for your entire home.
  • Option #3: You think in advance how to make your house beautiful and comfortable at the same time, and plan to do most of the work by yourself.

Now let’s talk about every of these choices.

Option#1. You create your home interior without any plan

Many of us act this exact way.sofa cushions We purchase new furniture, rugs, window treatment when we really need it, or when we come across an eye-catching rug, furniture, picture, etc. in the store and feel like we really have to buy it.

The result? When finally we get this new item we suddenly realize that it doesn’t fit well our room. I don’t say that it should be in every situation, but indeed, who can say it has never happened to him or her? Who of us has never been disappointed after bringing home a picture, a vase, or even worse – a piece of a large furniture, which looked so amazing in the showroom, only to find out that it mismatches any room in the house?

So what can we do to avoid such situations in the future? Some people find the solution in option #2.

Option#2. You hire a professional decorator for your home

Of course it’s an easiest way to create a professional looking interior that impresses your guests and can be shown in interior decoration magazines. drawing handIt can be very expensive, but if your budget allows you, why not to get professional looking home interior? It will also save your time and your nerves and it’s really nice to feel that somebody takes care about your needs and your comfort… But after all, will it really be your home? No. In most cases it will be a decorator’s home. His or her creation. And where are you in this space? Your personality, your taste, your habits? You move into new ready-made house, like to a luxury hotel suite. It can be very comfortable and amazing, but it’s not your home. So if you really want to get your own unique home decor, you should become your own home decorator and go to option#3.

Option#3. Become your own home interior decorator

Who said that you can’t do it? - Sure, you can! Of course, it needs more time and some effort from you, but just think about this possibility: you will do it by yourself and for yourself, and who knows about your taste, needs and habits better than you? Just take your time and don’t be in rush. Don’t worry if you never did it before. You can learn it!   Read more…drawing pencils


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